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Use the Global Email Address with Gmail Auto Bcc Functionality

Please review this article to learn how to implement use of the Global Bcc email address in your fp. system with Google Mail. This set up can enable the easy integration of email to the Notes area of your fp. system, and it's how we integrate our own email to fp. here at headquarters.

You will also want to consider implementing use of the Connect to Email feature, available at the Company, Contact and Jobs levels. Learn more here: Connect Your Company, Contact & Job Related Emails into the Notes Area(s) of Your fp. System

Locate the unique address

Locate the unique address

In Google Mail, you will need to authenticate the universal bcc address from fp. before it will work property. To begin, find the global bcc address in your fp. system. From the Admin menu, choose System Set Up > System Preferences.  

Choose the tab called E.Mail. Here, you will see the address at the top line for fp. System Mailto.  This is the address you will need to use in upcoming set-up steps.

Set-up a "dummy" user for authentication

In your fp. system, under your Office, add a dummy Contact. This user will only be required to authenticate the email forwarding - a step Google based mail needs in order to ensure you're not spamming.

Find your Office, and from the Add New menu, choose Contact.

Name the new contact as you see fit, and give them the email address of

This dummy user does not need to have a Contact Type selected. and you are not giving up one of your fp. licenses to set this user up.  Click Submit to save your changes.

Prompt authentication with Google

Login to your Gmail account and go into Settings.

Choose the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab, and click Add a Forwarding Address.

Enter the address you nabbed earlier from the Admin area of your fp. system and click Next.

Confirm the forwarding by hitting Proceed, and then OK.

Your next step will be to verify.

Get confirmation code

Back in your fp. system, navigate to the Contact page for the dummy user you created.

Under the Notes tab, you will find the confirmation request from Google.

Paste this code into Gmail, and click Verify.

Repeat for other staff members

Your other team members will need to repeat some of these steps, for the email integration to work for them. In the example above, logged into the Gmail account for Marc, we go to Settings, and choose Forwarding and POP/ IMAP. Click Add a forwarding address.

Enter the email address from the ADMIN area, under System Preferences. Click Next.

Click Proceed.

Click OK.

Go back into fp. to find the confirmation code for Marc's account. You only need to create the dummy user once

Paste this code into the confirmation code box and click Verify.

Important Notes

For this to work properly:

  1. The email address in your fp. system needs to match the Gmail address exactly.
  2. The staff member needs to be both a listed Contact under your Office, as well as be an Active staff member in your Admin area.
  3. The system will never capture emails between staff members.

We hope you'll find this to be a useful feature for capturing emails in your fp. system. Questions welcome:


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