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Use the Global Email Address to Connect Your Emails to fp.

Along with the ability to connect your email to Companies, Contacts and Jobs to their respective Notes tabs in fp. you can also make use of another unique email address in your fp. system. The Global address could be used in conjunction with the Connect to Email feature, or on its own.

The Global address is an email address, unique to each fp. system.

 Find the Unique Address

From the Admin area, choose System Set Up, System Preferences, and the E.Mail tab. The unique email address is visible on the top line - fp. System Mailto.

How it Works?

If/ when you include this unique address in your email messages (as a To, Cc, or Bcc), and once the email hits our servers, our system will make it's best effort to store that email as a Note with a Contact on the email that it recognizes. There will be some minimum criteria that need to be met in order for this to be successful.

  1. One person on the email needs to be a staff contact in your fp. system. The email address on the message must match the email address on their Contact record in that fp. system. In other words, I'm sending email out from my address, which matches the address on my Contact record in my fp. system.
  2. At least one non-staff person should be on the email. The email address you use here should also match the email address on their Contact record in your fp. system.
  3. The unique address needs to be included. This address can be in the To, Cc or Bcc line.

Once the email is sent, it should only take a few moments for it to appear as a Note in your fp. system. Again, under which Contact the note appears will be based on the system trying to make the best decision based on the Contacts it recognizes in the To or Cc fields.

Should the note store under a Contact other than the one you wanted, you can edit the Note and move it. This is more likely to occur if you are sending an email message to multiple people who are also Contacts in your fp. system.

If and when the Contact responds to my email, their reply will store as another Note.


i) The email from which they reply matches the email address on their Contact record.

ii) The reply includes the unique email address from fp. This is easy to include if the Contact chooses a "Reply All" option when responding.

Additional Know-How

Additional Know-How

The fp. Global address feature will process your email messages once they hit our server. Emails hit our server when they include the unique email address.

Function Point is not capable of capturing your incoming email messages - fp. is not your email client. We can only sort and store messages that get sent to the account(s).

The system will never store email messages that are strictly between your staff members.

You may also wish to learn about our Connect to Email feature. You will see this button on every Company, Contact and Job page in your system, and you can learn more here: Connect Your Company, Contact & Job Related Emails into the Notes Area(s) of Your fp. System

Should you use Gmail or Google based email, getting those emails into your fp. system is even easier, as Gmail allows for auto-bcc'ing to be configured. Please review this article to learn more: Use the Global Email Address with Gmail Auto Bcc Functionality

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