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Function Point allows you to attach any type of file to your system.  There is no limit on data storage, however, the maximum size per upload is 50 Mb. Please review this article to learn more.

 Where Can Files Be Added?

Files can be added to the Company, Project, Estimate and Job tabs.  Files added at the Estimate Details level will also show in the file trees for Job Details and Project Details (if applicable) and vice versa.

Files can also be added to a Task or a Note, and will display in that Task or Note's detail page.  If the file uploaded to a Task or Note is also linked to a Job, it will display in the Job file tree.  Adding a file to a Note adds the capability of commenting and collaboration, and adding a file to a Task adds the capability of including any appropriate file for the task to be completed (i.e. a mock-up or wire-frame etc.).

If the file uploaded to a Task or Note is also linked to a Job, it will display in the Job file tree.

Adding a File

Click on the Files tab in the appropriate Details page.

Click Upload File.  You can also add folders to the File Tree by clicking on Add Folder.

A standard upload pop-over window will appear.  You can either Click To Upload a File, or drag and drop a file from your desktop to the Drop Files Here area.  Checking off "Client Visible" prior to selecting the files  will allow your clients to see the file if you have given them permission in the Client Portal.

When your file has been uploaded, it will appear below the upload button.  You can add multiple files in this manner.

** Please note: Internet Explorer will not show the "Drop Files Here" and will not support  selecting multiple files to upload.

Once you have all the files you want listed, click on Done to complete the upload.

You'll now see the files in alphabetical order in the file tree.  Files visible in the Client Portal are marked.

Click on the "E" to edit details or visibility about the file. Click on the "X"" to delete the file.

Further Information About Files

Some features of file association through the file upload feature may not work if you are using Internet Explorer.

Defining Files:

A file is uploaded to the fp. file section as a digital asset associated with a Company,  Project, Job or Estimate as a means to associate it with the specific module.

Uploading it to a lower level module will automatically associate it the appropriate Company above.

  • i.e. if a file is added to a job, estimate or project it will be included in the Company files section in the main fp. application.
  • File "folders" can be made to group things together.

A file is a stand-alone item.

  • You can add a file name and description to the file, but it is not meant as a collaboration feed.
  • Uploaded files are generally "final" versions or versions that the user want's associated to the module.

Defining Files within Notes:

A "Note File" will also show in the files section, but adding a file to a note adds the capability of commenting and collaboration.

  • The system does this by creating a folder for each note that contains 1 or more files.
  • Uploading a file within a note should be used to associate the file with the ability to add comments and either collaborate on the file itself, or to provide additional information about the note.
  • This is generally used for "unfinished" work that requires collaboration or basic comments. (this does not have mark-up capabilities, but does allow you to associate a comment to a file or multiple files within a note).
  • The note files will also be associated with the appropriate job (if applicable).
  • Making both the note and file visible to your client will also allow external collaboration and comments.
  • If you add a file to a note, it will be associated to the job (if applicable) or company if not added to a job.

Defining Files within Tasks:

A "Task File" is essentially the same as a note file - it will also show in the files section, but adding a file to a task adds the capability of including any appropriate fine for the task to be completed (i.e. a mock-up or wire-frame etc.)

  • Task files can only be used and shared within the main fp. app (i.e. tasks do not show on the Client Portal).

Files and Notes on the Client Portal:

As above, files within notes and files uploaded directly as a file will simply show the file (with description) and files within a note add a collaboration component.

  • Files show up in 2 places (always attached to a job) - clicking on a job within "active work" will allow users to see the files associated to that job.** Note - in order to see the job and files under it, the "client" or "user" must be a contact on the job and have the privilege to see jobs.
  • Files also show up under the "Files" module (this also shows which files are attached to which jobs). The purpose of this module is to allow users to quickly view all files on all jobs that they are a contact for.
  • Files that are a part of a note will also show up in the files section (both under active work and in the files module).
  • Files can be uploaded either to a note or directly as a file (if the user has the privilege to do so)

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