Internal Expenses

In your fp. system, Internal Expenses are most commonly used for items that are purchased, held as inventory and sold back to a client at a flat rate mark-up.  Examples might include stock photography, scans, printouts, usb sticks or CDs.  Credit card expenses can also be entered against an in-house job using Internal Expenses.

Please review this article to learn how to add Internal Expenses to a Job in Function Point. We'll review 2 scenarios:

  • When you have included the Internal Expense on the Estimate
  • When you add the Internal Expense directly to a Job

Including Internal Expenses on the Estimate

If you have active Internal Expenses set up in your Admin area, and they are part of an active Service Group, then they can be added upon the creation of, or editing of an Estimate.

Within the Estimate itself, users can add the quantity (Qty) of the item, which then multiplies by the rate per unit, to provide a Total.

If and when this Estimate becomes a Job, you can add the Internal Expense form directly from the Financials tab of the Job.

On the resulting Add Internal Expense page, you will see required fields marked in blue. Many fields will already be filled in for you, but can be edited as needed.

Click Submit when ready.

Back at the Job, the record of the Internal Expense form is now visible from the Expenses tab.

Add the Internal Expense directly to the Job

You estimated for the work, and that Estimate became a Job in your system. The client later needed or requested something from your agency, that has resulted in an Internal Expense being incurred. This expense was not part of the Estimate, and you chose not to create a revised Estimate for re-signing off by the client.

Instead, you wish to add this Internal Expense directly to the Job.

From the main navigation bar, choose Expenses > Internal > Add Expense. And because I have viewed the Job to which I want to add the expense recently, I can also select my Job.

On the resulting Add Internal Expense page, required fields are marked in blue.

  1. Select the Service Group
  2. Select the Expense Type
  3. Optionally choose to enter a Description of this Expense.
  4. Choose the Quantity of the Internal Expense.
  5. Optionally choose to input an override amount for the Internal Expense.

Click Submit when ready.  

Back on the Job, this newly minted expense appears on the Financials tab.

As well as the Expenses tab.

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