Bulk Emailing with fp.

Your Function Point system can be used to send out bulk emails to your Contacts - be they clients, prospects, or some other group altogether!  Please review this article to learn more.

Flag Selected Contacts

Bulk emails can be sent from your system to Contacts you have flagged. Flagging Contacts is easy, and can be done from a list view, or from a single Contact page, on the Basic Info tab. Just tick the Flag box, and the change will save immediately. Note that Contacts are flagged based on the staff member logged into fp. - so one user may flag different Contacts than another user.

To learn more about flagging contacts, please review this article: Flagging Contacts

Mailing List & Holiday Options

Although you only need some Contacts to be Flagged to send out a bulk email, you do have a couple of additional methods by which you can mark Contacts for a bulk message. On any Contact page, you'll see the options for Mailing List and Holiday.

So for example, if you send out an annual virtual Holiday card to certain Contacts, you could mark those Contacts with a "Yes" for Holiday.  When the holiday approaches, search for Contacts by this field, and send the message from fp. via the resulting list.

Create Bulk Email Templates

Create Bulk Email Templates

You have the option to create as many templates for your Bulk Emails as you wish.  Access the template creation area, via the Admin menu under Feature Management  >  Note and Email Templates.

You will see any current templates listed. Click Add Template to begin a new one.

  1. Give the new template a name.
  2. Add content as you wish, with the option to include any of the available Merge Field options
  3. If you want this template to be available for use immediately, mark it as Active.

Click Submit to save this template.

Generate the List of Contacts for the Bulk Email

When you're ready to send your email message, begin by getting the correct Contact list. Hover over Contacts in the main navigation bar, and choose Find Contact.

Enter any search parameters you wish - perhaps you only want Active Contacts from a certain Company that are Flagged. Or perhaps you just want all the Flagged Contacts in the system. When you're ready to get your list, click Find Contacts.

From the resulting list of Contacts, click the Email Flagged button.

Select or Create the Email Content

Clicking Email Flagged will bring you to the Bulk Email screen. Required fields are marked in blue:

  1. You have the option to use any active pre-built Email Template. Alternately, choose no template, and just type into the Subject and Content spaces.
  2. Edit/ add the Subject and Content as you see fit.
  3. Optionally add a file attachment. Maximum file size is 50Mb.

Click Send Email when ready. Note that bulk emails are sent from the address noreply@functionpoint.com unless set-up otherwise.

You will see a notice of how many messages were sent, or not sent successfully.

Be advised that the fp. bulk email routine does lack some levels of sophistication you might find with other bulk email services. For example, fp. will not be able to report on any email bounce backs, or how the email was handled - aka read, deleted etc.

Bulk Email Distribution Preferences

Bulk Email Distribution Preferences

You have a handful of settings you can choose to adjust regarding how your bulk emails are handled. Access these settings via the Admin menu, under System Set-Up > System Preferences.

Choose the tab called Email. From here you can decide from what address the emails are sent, what mail server to use and more. Click Submit to save any changes you make to this page.

We welcome your questions or concerns: support@functionpoint.com


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