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Best Practice - Showing a Credit on the Estimate & Job

Exciting News! Updates have been made to the UI since this document was created. Although the functionality in this article hasn’t changed, the look and feel has, and some elements may have moved.

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Please review this article, to learn how best to create and show a dollar value credit (or discount) for work to your client.

Create the Service

Create the Service

In this scenario, we want to be able to show a line item called Credit on our Estimate, Job and Invoice. We'll begin by setting the new line item up as an internal expense in your fp. system. Just renaming a current service/ expense to "Credit" is a bad idea, in that you will not be able to report properly on this service down the line.

From your main navigation bar, hover over ADMIN, and choose Manager Services & Expenses > Internal Expenses ($/ Unit Sold).

We're adding this new line item in as an expense, rather than a service, so that no staff member inadvertently tracks time to our credit! From the Internal Expense list view, choose Add Expense.

Name the expense as you see fit - credit, work credit, price credit, discount etc. Click Create Expense when ready.

The new line item now appears in our list view.

Associate the Service to a Service Group

Associate the Service to a Service Group

From your main navigation bar, hover over ADMIN, and choose Service & Expense Management > Service Groups.

Click the name of the Service Group under which you'd like your Credit line item to show. You just want to pick the group that will make the most sense for you - this decision has no other major impact.

Click New Service.

Choose your Credit item you just created from the subsequent window.  Click Add Services & Expenses when ready.

The line item for Credit, is now a part of this Service Group, and will be available for use on both new and current estimates and jobs.

Create a New Estimate with the Credit Line Item

Now when creating a new estimate, the Credit item can be selected

Enter a negative value of your choosing into the Override field at the Credit line item, to lower the Estimate Total.

Alternately, enter a negative value into the Rate $ field, and the Estimate Total (before the credit) into the Qty column.   This will discount the value of the estimate by a percentage value - in this case, by 5%.

No matter which way you proceed, the credit line will pull to the job financials.... well as the Invoice.

Add the Credit to a Current Estimate

Navigate to any Estimate Details page. Click Revise & Edit Services (or just Edit Services if the estimate is not marked as Approved).

Click the Add Service Groups button to add in the Credit line.

Choose the Credit line item, and Add.

The line item is now added to the estimate, and you can use negative values to reduce the total by a dollar value or percentage. The credit line will pull to the job and invoice once you save your changes.

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