Q: When my client is creating a new request in the Portal, how is the Key Contact field determined?

A: Key contacts will be the name or names of active contacts listed for that client's company in Function Point. The Key Contact name will pre-populate if there is only one contact name in FP for that client company.

Q: I'm trying to give Tracey access to the Portal. Why am I not able to do so from her Contact page?

A: As Tracey is a member of your staff, you won't be able to work. Portal access/ permissions can only be given to non-staff members.

Q: I want my client to have access to the Portal, but I don't want them to see or use the Requests feature. How can I turn that off for them or hide it?

A:  The Requests tab in portal is a way in which you portal users can complete creative briefs and submit work requests. There is no obligation to show this feature to your portal user though. You will just need to change a few items within their portal user permissions.

In your Function Point system, find your portal user and get to their Contact Details page. From here, select the tab called Client Portal. Here, you'll see permissions associated to this portal user.

From the permission group called View, un-cehck the boxes beside both  

  • Estimates | View
  • Requests | View

From the permission group called Approve Estimates, un-check the box beside:

  • Requests | Add

Then hit the Submit button when done. Your portal user will now no longer see the Requests tab.

Q: My client approved an Estimate I had shared with them over the Portal.  Where is the approval comment they made being stored in the system?

A: Your portal users can approve or decline Estimates, and when they do so, they do have the option to input any comments.  Once they send that approval or non-approval through, that comment will be stored under their Contact details page, and the Notes tab.

Q: Why is my Portal user not seeing any of the Active Jobs we are working on for them?

A: Your Portal user will need to be a Job Contact in order to see Active Jobs via the Portal.  On any Job. choose the Contacts tab, and the Mange Job Contacts button. You can then add whoever you like as a contact on the Job. Portal users who are contacts on jobs, will see those jobs in the Portal.

Q: I'd like to reset the Portal password my client is using. How and where do I do this again?

Q: I'd like to reset the Client Portal password my client is using. How and where do I do this again?

A:On the Contact page for your user, go to the Client Portal tab. Type in the new Password and click Submit when ready. Then be sure to let your client know what their new password is!

Q:  I like it that my Portal user sees Notes on the Job, but do they have to see the Discussion tab as well?

A: You can easily remove the Discussion tab from the client portal view. Just navigate to the Contact page of the portal user, and to the Client Portal tab. Just un-check the box beside Discussion under the View set. Be sure to click Submit to save this permission related change.

Q: Can you give me a brief overview of the Discussion tab in the Portal?

A: The Discussion is a way in which you can communicate with your Portal user, using only Function Point Notes. Discussion content is based on Notes made in FP that are not related/ associated to a Job.

It gives you the option to talk with your client over something other than email, and means this data will be automatically stored in your fp. system. Through portal user permissions, you can decide if this tab appears or does not.

Q: What kind of alerts can FP send me regarding briefs/ requests from clients via the Portal?

A: There are 2 kinds of alerts (in system and/ or via email) you can receive regarding briefs or the requests that come in from clients via the portal:

  1. The New Brief alert will notify you when a request has been filled in via the portal. This notification will be sent *before* the portal user hits Submit Request. The message will read something like "Brief New Website has been added."
  2. The Brief Update alert will notify you when the Submit Request button is hit by the portal user. The message will read something like "Brief New Website has been submitted."

Q: I've set the "Enable access to the Invoice PDF" permission for my client, but the invoice has no values?

A: Ticking the permission under Reports, for the Invoice PDF, will allow the client to see a PDF of the invoice, but it won't show any dollar values unless you also tick another permission - under Admin | showing amounts set called Admin | Show Rates. Click Submit to save this permission change.

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