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Use Zapier with Google Contacts - Another Way to Get New Companies & Contacts into your fp. System

Using the free version of Zapier, one can set up Zaps that will push information from a Google Contacts into the Companies and Contacts module of your fp. system. This can be a great way to ensure that new data is added as you acquire it.

Although adding new Companies and Contacts directly into fp. is straightforward, we understand that it's always good to have alternatives, and that many of our clients are needing a way to connect other CRM-type programs to their fp. system.

Please review this article to learn more.

Login to Zapier

To begin, login to your Zapier account.

Please review this article if you need to learn about setting up your free account with Zapier: Use Zapier to Share Companies & Contacts Data into your fp. System & Out to Other Programs

If you have not done so already, you'll now want to connect Zapier to your Google Contacts account. From your Dashboard, choose Connected Accounts.

Connect to Google Contacts

From the Connected Accounts menu, choose Google Contacts

A permission window will appear. Click Allow to complete the connection to your Google Contacts account.

The account now shows in your Connected Accounts list, and can be renamed as you see fit.

Make a Zap!

Now that the account is connected, you'll want to create a Zap.  Zaps are like a link between fp. and any other app available via Zapier.

For this article, let's make a Zap that will push any new Contacts I add into my Google Contacts record, into my fp. system.

Name the Zap

The Zapier system is  user friendly, and will walk you through a clear process to build your Zap step-by-step. Start by giving this Zap a name - whatever wording will make the most sense for you.

Set Up the Trigger Side

We now set up the Trigger - what has to happen for the Zap to go into action. In this case, we want that trigger to come from Google Contacts, so that's what we'll select as our Trigger App.

As suggested by Zapier, the trigger we want on the Google Contacts side is when a new contact is added or updated.

Click Save + Continue.

The account we added earlier is available to select and/ or test.

Click Save + Continue.

Depending on how your account in Google is set up, you may also have the option to narrow down the trigger to occur only when contacts are added to a particular Contact Group. I happen to have a specific group set up, which I'll pick now.

Click Continue when ready.

Test the Trigger Side

Zapier kindly gives you an opportunity to perform this mid-way test. Go and create a new Google Contact, and click Fetch & Continue, to ensure all is working well in this Zap thus far.

Click Continue when ready.

Set Up the Action Side

We can now set up the Action - what we want to happen after a new contact is added to my Google Contacts. In this case, we want that action to occur in Function Point, so that's what we'll select as our Action App.

Choose Create Contact.

Click Save + Continue.

My fp. account is already set up in Zapier, so I can select it here.

Click Save + Continue.

You will now need to do a little bit of mapping - the fp. system has several required fields when adding companies and contacts, and contacts cannot exist without an affiliated company.

On this page, you will need to make a selection for every field marked as required -and please note that the Zap will not work if you pick "Choose a Custom Value". The example options you see when clicking the pull down menus, will come from the contact you created as part of an earlier step.

Scroll down to complete the required mapping, and click Continue when ready.

Test the Action Side

Zapier again gives you an opportunity to perform a test. Click Create & Continue when ready.

And click Finish once your test has operated successfully.  

Turn On the Zap

Turn On the Zap

If you would like this Zap to sure to set it to ON.

The Zap now shows in my list of Zaps, and can be renamed or edited as needed.

We hope you'll find Zapier to be a useful tool in getting Company and Contact related data both into and out of your fp. system. And we welcome your questions or concerns:


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