Directions to Help Your Clients Use the FP Portal

If your clients are new to using the FP Portal, be encouraged to share this step-by-step document to help them learn how to use this cool tool through which they can submit work requests and communicate with your agency.

How to Login

On any browser, and in any operating system, navigate to In the top right, you will see an option to Login.

Enter the name of the Agency, and the Username and Password they will provide you with. Click Submit when ready.

View Active Work

Upon login, you will land on the Active Work tab. Depending upon the level of access (permissions) that the Agency has assigned to you, you may see all or less of the modules and features reviewed below.

On the Active Work tab, you will see any open/ active jobs going on between you and the Agency. Click any job name to see additional information - if available.

Within a job, you may be able to see associated job Links, Notes, Files and Reports - including schedules and invoices.

You may also see the "+Add" option for Files and Notes. There is no limit to the number of Files and Notes you add, only an individual file size limit of 50Mb.

Make Work Requests

Click the Requests tab. Here you see both optional, and required fields for completion. Required fields are marked with an orange star.

Fields with magnifying glasses are where you'll have a choice to make. These include the Brief Template (the requirements gathering document you'll complete to request the work), the Account Executive (the person you work with at the Agency) and the Key Contact (you or another person at your company who is in charge of this potential work). You may or may not see multiple options in each of these fields.

Click Save & Next when ready. Click Save As Draft if you want to come back to complete this request later.

You will then see up to 2 pages of questions needing your answers. Any required questions will again show with a red asterisk. Click Save & Next to move to the remaining page(s), or click Save As Draft to come back to this request later.

On the Summary tab, review your answers, and click Submit Request when ready.

This request will now be visible under View Requests/ Estimates.

Review, Approve or Decline Estimates

The Request you made will be received by the Agency, who will use that data to generate an Estimate for your review. This Estimate may be made available to you to view in the Portal. You can also ask a team member of the Agency to arrange for you to receive an email, and/ or Portal alert when this Estimate is ready.

Once the Estimate is available, it will be visible under View Requests/ Estimates.

Click to View, Approve or Decline this Estimate.

Add a note regarding your approval or decline of the Estimate.

And see the Estimate status change immediately. And once the Agency turns this Estimate into Active Work, it will appear under that tab.

Files tab

On the Files tab, you will be able to see any files that the Agency has uploaded and marked as visible for you, that pertain to any Active Work. You can also share files to the Agency by clicking the "+Add" button. There is no limit to the number of Files and Notes you add, only an individual file size limit of 50Mb.

Discussion tab

Use the "+Add" button on the Discussions tab to initiate correspondence with the Agency. The benefit of this versus an email, is that the conversation and any ongoing exchange between you and the Agency will be recorded here.

Admin tab

From the Admin tab, you can update or edit your own record. The Agency records in their FP system will also update.

We hope you'll find the FP Portal to be a great and easy way to communicate with your chosen Agency about work requests and ongoing work. For help or assistance, please contact your chosen Agency directly.


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