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Use Zapier to Share Companies & Contacts Data into your fp. System & Out to Other Programs

Through the use of a tool called Zapier (rhymes with happier), you can easily add Company and related Contact information from most CRM tools, directly into Function Point. You can also push Company and related Contact data from fp. to any of the 400+ applications supported by Zapier. There is no associated cost to use this feature, and you can accomplish this CRM magic with a free Zapier account.  Please review this article to learn more.

What is Zapier?

What is Zapier?

Zapier lets you "Connect the apps you use" and "get more out of your data."  Through Zapier, you can both push and pull company and contact related information into and out of your fp. system. Click here for a quick video to learn more about the Zapier product: What is Zapier?

Make sure you have the correct fp. user permissions

In order to use Zapier with your fp. account, you will need a particular fp. permission. You may wish to confirm this permission is on, before trying to work with Zapier.

The permission is in the Administrator set, and is called Admin | Update Permissions.

Access your invitation to use the fp. App in Zapier

Access your invitation to use the fp. App in Zapier

Function Point is currently a private app with Zapier, which you can access via invitation. Meaning that at the moment, you won't see out fp. icon on the Zapier public site. Click the invitation link (below), then the Accept Invite & Go To Dashboard button.

Link to fp. Invitation

Should you experience any issues with this invitation, please drop a line to

Create your free Zapier account

Create your free Zapier account

Clicking to "Accept Invite.." will bring you to a login screen for Zapier. Click the Signup Now link.

Add your name, email, create a password, and click the Sign Up button.

You will receive a friendly confirmation email of your sign up, including some helpful links.

You will initially be on a 14-day trial, that will include a number of different features. After the trial period, you will be automatically downgraded to the Free Plan. The Free Plan is sufficient to communicate Company and Contact data into and out of your fp. system, but may not include what Zapier considers "Premium Apps" including GoToWebinar, Salesforce, Unbounce and Zoho CRM. A full list of the Premium Apps can be seen here: Zapier Plans & Pricing

Make a Zap!

Wait - What's a Zap you ask? Great question! Zaps are like a link between fp. and any other app available via Zapier. For example - when a new company is added to Constant Contact, and you want that company information to then push to fp. as well, that would be a Zap. All the Zaps you create can be seen on your Zapier Dashboard.

Let's make a Zap that will push any new Company records I create in my fp. system, out to a Google Drive spreadsheet.

Step 1 - Trigger

The Zapier system is friendly, and will walk you through a clear process to build your Zap step-by-step. Here in Step 1, we're giving the Zap a name, and setting up what's called the Trigger. In this example, I want the Trigger to be based on a Company being added in fp. so my trigger app is Function Point.

I then can choose more about this Trigger - at present, my options from fp. relate either to the Company or Contact levels. In this example I'll choose New Company. Click Save + Continue.

You'll next be prompted to choose your fp. account. When prompted, enter your login credentials to your account. Zapier will then confirm a successful connection. Click Save + Continue.

Now - you can choose to test this portion of the Zap - how cool is that? Alternately, just hit Skip Test & Continue.

Step 2 - Action

Now that the Trigger is sorted, we need to establish what Action we want to occur. What other program do we want this Company information to be shared to, once we add it into our fp. system? Begin by choosing the Action App - for this example I'm choosing Google Drive.

Because of the app I've selected, I have subsequent choices to make - depending on the app you choose for the Action side, you will see different choices. For this example, I want Zapier to add a file in my Google Drive. Click Continue.

Once you complete the Action set up, you'll again have an option to test this portion of the Zap. Alternately, click Skip Test & Continue.

Turn on the Zap?

Once the Zap is built, you will have the option to set it to on, and begin using it. At any time you can change this setting from your Zapier Dashboard.

Noteworthy info & recommended next step(s)

  • The push/ pull of Company and/ or Contact data is "one time" - as in, if you push a Company record from fp. to another app, and then update that company record, the content of the other app is not in turn updated. Triggers/ actions happen for new content, not updated content.
  • A goal of our integration with Zapier is to save clients from having to perform any double data entry of CRM related data. If any new Company in fp. also needs to be added to another tool your company uses, you would no longer need to re-type that Company info there, once you set up the Zap.
  • Your initial sign up will be a 14 day trial that will convert to a free version at the end of the 14 days. The free version is sufficient for most clients, but you may want to upgrade your plan in order to access certain "Premuim Apps" and/ or multi-step Zaps.
  • The fastest way to learn Zapier is by trying it for yourself. We'll also aim to offer our own documents with steps (like those above) to create Zaps with fp.  
  • The Zapier site also offers plenty of materials through which once can increase their Zapier kung-fu.

We hope you'll enjoy using Zapier to add Companies and Contacts to your fp. system, and to share Companies and Contacts from fp. over to other programs you use. Questions or concerns can be directed via email to


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