File & Note Visibility to Clients in the Portal

The FP Client Portal allows you to not only share notes and files with your clients, but also gives them an opportunity to add notes or comment on your notes, as well as add their own files or view those your share.

Please review this article to learn more about this process.

Set up your client with Portal access

Any non'staff Contact in your system can be set up to access your Portal - it's just a matter of giving them a user name, password, and permissions.

Please review this article for more detailed steps: Set Up Your Contacts as Portal Users

Sharing Notes and Files from the Agency

Portal users who are marked as a Contact on any active Job will be able to see that Job under the Active Work tab of the Portal. Notes and Files that you as the Agency add to the Job, and mark as Client Visible will be visible to that Portal user.

On this Job, I can add a new Note from the Add New menu.

On the resulting Add Note page, I can enter any content I choose. Marking the Note as Client Visible means that my Portal users on this Job will be able to see the Note and comment on it via the Portal.


From the Files tab, I can click the Upload File button to add Files to the Job. Then it's just a matter of following the numbered steps to make the file visible in the Portal:

  1. Optionally add a description and click the box for Client Visible.
  2. Upload the File.
  3. Click Done.

Viewing Notes and Files in the Portal

From the Portal side, our Job Contact user can see both the Note and File that were added. The Portal user has the option to:

  • Add a File to the Note
  • Comment on the Note
  • Add a new Note
  • Edit the description of the File
  • Add a new File
  • Delete the File

Note that these action options can be controlled via the permissions given to the Portal user.


Comments, additions or changes made by the Portal user are immediately visible back in your FP system.

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