Build a Milestones Only Calendar Filter

Exciting News! Updates have been made to the UI since this document was created. Although the functionality in this article hasn’t changed, the look and feel has, and some elements may have moved.

Click here to have a look at an intro video with the new UI.

The fp. Calendar, allows you to build out a calendar filter to include, or solely display your task/ schedule related Milestones.  Please review this article to learn more.

From anywhere in your fp. system, choose the Calendar icon from the top navigation bar.

This will bring up your fp. Calendar in a separate window. Choose the Filter button, and Add Filter.

In this example. we want a calendar that just shows tasks, either on or off a schedule, that have a Milestone.  As such, we'll begin by giving the Filter Name something suitable.

And as Milestones are related to Tasks, either on or off a Schedule, on this same page we'll also de-select the Show Events box. Hit Save & Continue when ready.

Move from the Events tab to the Tasks tab, by clicking its name, From the Task Milestone field, pick one, some or all of the Milestones you wish to pull to the calendar.  Please note- what appear as Milestones options, is determined by the milestone names you input back in ADMIN > System Set Up > List Maintenance.

Choose to filter further by making selections in any of the other fields here including Assigned By, Assigned To or Task Status. By default, the task statuses that will show are those in Draft, Assigned or In Progress.

For this example, we'll pick all the Task Milestones, leave the default statuses, and make no other filtering choices. Hit Save & Continue when ready.

Move from the Tasks tab to the Jobs tab, by clicking its name. Again, because we just want to show task related milestones in this filter, we'll deselect the Show Jobs box. Hit Save & Finish when ready.

The filter is now built, and can be used as your chosen filter from the Filter button.  Click the name of the filter to select it, the S to subscribe to the filter, the pencil to edit the filter, or the X to delete the filter.

Back in our main fp. system, we can build schedules from scratch, from a template, either associated or not associated to an estimate or job. So long as the task has a due date and an associated milestone, it will appear in my calendar filter. And because of the filter settings I chose, the task can be in a status of Draft, Assigned or In Progress and still appear.

Please note - to see the Milestone drop down options from a Schedule, you'll need to be in the Full edit mode (not Outline or Manage).

On the Calendar view, using the Milestones Only filter built, I can see all the line items from the Schedule.

We can also build tasks, that do not live on a schedule or task tree, that are also not necessarily part of an job, that will also pull to my calendar filter.  The task just needs a Due Date and Milestone.


To see this data on your iCal, just choose the S for Subscribe from the Filter button, beside the filter of your choosing.

Click the Subscription URL.

This action brings up my iCal, where I need to choose the Subscribe button.

I can then choose the colour to display this info on my iCal, and how often to refresh - we'd recommend every 5 or 15 minutes. Hit OK when ready.

The milestones are now showing on my iCal, and will update soon after I update in fp.

Have fun experimenting and building calendar filters. And note that there is no limit to the number you build. All your calendars can be easily toggled between from the Filter icon, so you can quickly change what you're seeing.

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