Portal User Subscription/Alert Sets

The FP Portal is a useful add-on feature for your account. Using the  Portal will allow you to give your agency clients access to view  certain components of the work you are doing for them. It will also  allow you to collaborate with them by exchanging files, notes and links  to other resources.

Please review this article to learn more about the kinds of in-Portal or email alerts your can give to your Portal users.

Option 1: Choose to assign alerts user by user

As you set up your Portal users,  you can choose to pick and click to give or take alerts on the  fly. Once the portal user is enabled, the alert options are visible on the Subscriptions tab.

Drill into any alert set, by clicking the arrow head shape icon on the left side of the alert group name. Then simply tick boxes  along the right hand side to give or take that alert.

Alternately, click the tick box for the set to give all the alerts within that set. You have the option to choose that the alert is delivered within the Portal and/ or via email to the email address on their Contact record. Note that the option in center page for "If I am a Job Contact" cannot be de-selected - Portal users can only receive alerts for work on which they are a Job Contact.

Click Submit when done, and repeat for other Portal users as needed.

Option 2: Choose from a set of Alerts

Rather than pick and choose on the fly for each user, you do have the  option to pick from a pre-built set of Permissions. Your FP system will  come with two pre-built sets to choose from, or you can create your  own.

How to make your own you ask? It's easy!

From the Admin menu, choose Alert Management > Alert Subscription Sets.

You will land on the Manage Permission Sets screen, which will  default to permissions for your staff. So first thing we'll need to do  is swap the view to be for Portal users:

  1. Click the "For Client Portal Users" box.
  2. Click Select

The listed alerts have now changed to those available for Portal users, and the list shows any current sets, as well as the option to  Create New. For this article, I'll choose that option.

Note that choosing one of the existing sets would populate that set, giving me an opportunity to edit it as needed.

You can now start creating the new set:

  1. Give the set a name.
  2. Select which permissions should or should not be included.
  3. Choose to assign this set to any of your clients currently set to have Portal access.

Click Submit to save your work. And repeat these steps to make as many sets as you like.

Any created and saved set will be available for immediate use as you add or edit more Portal users.

We welcome your questions or concerns: support@functionpoint.com


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