Connecting an Individual Job to Your External Calendar

Exciting News! Updates have been made to the UI since this document was created. Although the functionality in this article hasn’t changed, the look and feel has, and some elements may have moved.

Click here to have a look at an intro video with the new UI.

The fp. calendar includes the ability to connect data from fp. (Events, Tasks & Jobs) to your external calendar (such as iCal) and you can make these connections even faster, right from within a job (that includes tasks or a schedule).

From any Job Details page, you'll see a new button Subscribe to iCal in the top right corner.

Clicking the question mark will bring up some helpful information.

Clicking the Subscribe to iCal button will bring up a Launch Application window. Your calendar application should appear - iCal in my example above. Click the name of your preferred calendar, and OK. Suscribe to

Your calendar should open, with the Calendar URL for this job's schedule. Hit Subscribe.

You should then get the opportunity to choose the calendar colour, and how often it should refresh the data - the default for iCal is "Every Week", so you will likely wish to change this to more regular intervals such as every 5 or 15 minutes. Click OK when ready.

Immediately in our calendar, task and job information is pulling in. And by clicking on a task, we can see more detailed information.

Note that the calendar will only show tasks that are in a status of Draft, Assigned or In Progress. Tasks need not have an assigned to person or estimated hours to complete, but do need a start and/ or end date. You will not see Completed or Confirmed Tasks. To build a more sophisticated Job related Calendar filter, use the steps found here.

You will still see, and can use, the Subscribe to iCal button on jobs that have yet to have a schedule or tasks added. Once the link to your external calendar has been created, any new task would be added to your calendar.

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