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A Company in your system can be any organization with whom you do business - be they a client, a prospect, a supplier, partner or even a freelancer. Any Company record in your system will be comprised of a series of tabs - tabs are lit up if there is associated content within it.

Please review this article for a quick review of the content you can find in your fp. system as it relates to a Company.

Basic Info tab

On this tab, find general information about the Company, including address and phone number. Click Edit Details to make any changes. Control the content of dropdown menus such as Qualification, Source, and Industry Type via List Maintenance. Using the Custom Fields feature, you can create as many additional fields for this tab as you wish.

From this tab, as well as any other for the Company, you'll see a set of action buttons in the top right. Which ones you see will depend on your system permissions.

Actions include the ability to Delete this Company, as well a create a new Contact, Note or Estimate for this Company.

Contacts Tab

On this tab, you will see any Contacts you have associated to this Company. Click into any Contact to see more information, and edit as needed. From this page, you can directly input a Note pertaining to this Contact.

Notes, Briefs, Schedules, Tasks, Projects, Estimates & Jobs Tabs

Click into any of these tabs to see, sort, and drill into any associated content. If there is no content, the tab will be greyed out and non-clickable.

Job Financials Tab

Use this tab for a high level view into the work related numbers for this Company. Use the Start Date and End Date fields to filter the Actual values by a date range.

Click the arrow(s) to the left of any Job name, to see more information on screen.

Invoices & Deposits Tabs

These two tabs give you a view into any work related Invoices you have made for this Company, as well as any Deposits you may have received from this Company. Click into any row to see a more detailed view.

Links & Files Tabs

Use the Links tab as a place to input any pertinent web pages, or outside resources (such as Dropbox) that relate to this Company. And the Files tab will be where you can see any and all files that have been uploaded to different Tasks, Estimates, Notes and Jobs for this Company. Files are also stored on those specific pages, but feed up to the Company level in case you're unable to remember where in the system the file was added.

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