The fp. Calendar & Filter Building

Your fp. system includes a Calendar, through which you can see work (tasks *& jobs) for both yourself, and any colleagues, as well as add and view your work related, or personal events. You can also build calendar filters, and push this information out to iCal. Please review this article to learn more.

Accessing the Calendar

You will see the Calendar in your top navigation bar. Click the Calendar icon to open it in a separate window.

Note that if you have customized your Dashboard, the Calendar may also appear as a tile on your home screen. Please click here to learn more about custom dashboards: Customizing Your Dashboard

Navigating in the Calendar

1.  Select whether you want to see the Calendar in Month, Week or Day View.  The current selection displays in grey.

2.  Events display in blue over the dates specified.

3.  Tasks display in green on the date they are due.

4.  Jobs display in yellow on the date they are due.

Adding Events to the Calendar

Unlike Jobs and Tasks which pull from your fp. system, Events are added directly onto the calendar. Events are useful for adding things like staff meetings, appointments or company events to the calendar.

Click once on the date square for your event. You will get a small pop-up window to Add the event. Click the word "Event" to continue.

Clicking "Event" will bring up the Event Quick Add window. Fields with a blue bar - such as Event Title - are required.

1) From the Visibility field, select if this event should be seen on all calendars (Staff), or only on yours (Private).

2) You can also choose whether this is a recurring event, or a one-time event. If you choose Repeat from the dropdown menu, you will have the option to pick how often the event recurs and until what date.

Click Submit when you have filled out the Event information.

The Event is now on the Calender.  Hold your mouse over the Event to see the details.

Filtering the Calendar

Your Calendar will be pre-set with one filter called "Classic." The Classic view will display:

  • ALL Calendar Events (with staff wide visibility, not events you added and marked as private
  • ALL Jobs
  • ALL Tasks with a Status of Draft, Assigned or In Progress

You can choose to edit the Classic filter, as well as create as many more calendar filters as you wish. You can then quickly toggle between these views via the Filter button.

To create a new filter, click Filter, and choose Add Filter. This will take you to the Manage Calendar Filters window.

Let's say we want a Calendar that only shows work related to a particular client. Begin by giving the filter a name.

Next we'll adjust the parameters for this filter, beginning with Events. As I don't expect to have Events on the Calendar for this client, I'm choosing to de-select the "Show Events" box for this filter. Alternately, you can choose to only show events that contain certain text, or created by a certain staff member.

Click Save & Continue.

Use your mouse and move to the Tasks tab. For my scenario, I only want to see Task information related to one particular client, so I can add their name to the Company field.   As needed, I could choose to further filter Tasks by a particular Project and Job, as well as by several other Task related options including - who the Tasks as assigned to or by, the type of task, and the status of task.

Click Save & Continue.

Use your mouse and move to the Jobs tab. For my scenario, I only want to see Job information related to one particular client, so I can add their name to the Company field.  As needed, I could choose to further filter Jobs by a particular Project, Brief Type and Job Status.

Click Save & Finish.

Our new Filter has now been created, and show in our Filter menu at the top of the Calendar. Just click the name of this filter to change the view. The tick mark will let you know which Calendar filter you're currently using. The data displayed will immediately change, when you choose a different filter.

Subscribing to Filters

Filters you build can be shared to certain external calendars you use - such as iCal. To do so, choose the Filter button, and then the "S" (for subscribe) beside the desired filter.

You will then see a pop up window, confirming the filter you've chosen. Click on the Subscription URL (in blue).

You should then get a subsequent window, showing you your external calendar options. Choose your preferred option and click OK.

Please note that screenshots are from a Mac environment, and you may see different information on your own machine.

When your external calendar opens, the fp. calendar url will appear. Click Subscribe.

Because fp. is accessed by a Username and Password, you will be asked to enter your fp. credentials. Click OK when ready.

Using iCal, you'll then have options to pick a calendar colour, and how often to update. Make selections as you see fit. These can always be changed later. Click OK when ready. The filtered information will show immediately.

Repeat these steps for any other filters you wish to create and push to iCal.

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