Creating Custom Fields for Your Companies & Contacts

Your FP system includes the ability to create new fields at both the Company and Contact level! Please review this article to learn how to create these fields for yourself.

Note: The Maximum number of Custom Fields is 29.

Navigate to the Admin Area

From the Admin area, choose System Set Up > Custom Fields.

Note that the Admin area is permission based. If you cannot see the area that you wish to access, please speak to your in-house fp. Administrator to change your permissions.

You will land on the Manage Custom Fields page. Here you can choose to create a new field on either the Company or Contact tab. Be advised that the system has been set up to save you time and effort - if you want a custom field to appear on both the Company and Contact pages, you need only create it once, and apply it to both - we'll see this in a future step.

Create New Custom Fields

Click Set up a Custom Field Now.

Give the new field a name - perhaps we want to know the LinkedIn url for companies and contacts we add to our system.

Then decide what kind of field you want the information to go into - you'll have 4 choices:

  • Select - enables you to build a drop down list of options
  • Text - a single text field (with room for 100+ characters)
  • Text Area - a larger text field, allowing for multiple lines
  • Date Field - enables a date picker calendar

For this example, we'll pick Text.

Choose to add defaults for either/ both:

  • Default Value - pre-selected option used when adding a new Company (or Contact)
  • Default Find Value - pre-selected option used when searching for a Company (or Contact)
  • As I don't want any defaults to be used, I will leave those fields blank.
  • Click Save Custom Field when ready.

Our new Custom Field has now been created, but is not yet in use. We need to assign this new field to show on either/ both the Company or Contact levels of our fp. system.

Here on the Company tab, to assign this new field at the Company level, just click the right arrow.

Click Save Changes. The new field is now associated to the Company level.

Move over to the Contact tab, and repeat this step to assign this new field to the Contact level as well.

Click Save Changes when ready.  

The new field now shows on both Company and Contact pages.

Find & List View Custom Field Data

You can use the Find option, to find any Company or Contact by the custom field data.

From resulting list views of Companies or Contacts, you can also use the Manage Columns option, and choose to display data from any Custom Field on screen.

And if you perform a CSV Export all "All Data" for Companies or Contacts, the Custom Field data will be included.

We hope you'll enjoy using the Custom Field options in your fp. system, and we welcome your questions or concerns:


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