Set up Your Contacts as Portal Users

The FP Portal is a useful add-on feature for your account.  Using the Portal will allow you to give your agency clients access to view certain components of the work you are doing for them. It will also allow you to collaborate with them by exchanging files, notes and links to other resources.

Please review this article to learn how to make your clients Portal users in your FP system.

Find the Contact in your system

Being by finding the non-staff Contact in your system to whom you want to grant Portal access. Contacts can be found from the Contacts tab on the Company level, or from within the Contacts module. Contact records you've viewed recently will appear as above when hovering over View Contact.

From the resulting the Contact page, choose the Client Portal tab.

Setup Portal Access

On this tab, you will need to begin entering some initial details for this client:

  1. Tick the box to Enable Login.
  2. Type in a User Name and Password for this client. If you plan on having many Portal users, your agency may wish to set a naming convention for these details such as, user names always being first name, last name, and passwords always being first initial with last name.
  3. Click Submit.

Please Note:  If you choose the Force Reset Password button, the Notify Client button will become available. This will generate an email you can send to your client with a link to the Portal log in screen. The email will also contain User Name information and a field to add the password manually.  It also communicates that your client will need to change their password after logging in if you have selected the "Force Reset Password" tick box.

Choose Permissions

Once you client Submit, the bottom portion of the page will populate with Portal permission options. Drill into any of the 6 permission sections to see more details.  For each Portal user, you can choose permissions on the fly, or set up and make use of Portal permission sets.

Click Submit when done.

Choose Alerts

Navigate to the tab labeled Subscriptions and choose to set your Portal user up to receive in-Portal and/ or email alerts when certain events occur - such as a Note or File being added. As with permissions, you can choose these alerts on the fly for each Portal user, or make use of Alert sets.

Click Submit when done.

All done!

Your Portal user is now set to login to a much lighter version of your FP system. Here, they can submit work requests, check on current work, see files, and update their own contact details - all dependent upon their permissions as set by your agency.

There are plenty more articles on all things Portal, so be encouraged to keep learning: Portal Knowledge Base

And we welcome your questions or concerns:


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