Add Events to the fp. Calendar

Your fp. system comes equipped with a Calendar module. It can be accessed from the top navigation bar icon, as well as be included as its own tile on one of your customized dashboards. Please review this article to learn how to quickly and easily add Events to your fp. Calendar.

Open the Calendar

From your Dashboard, choose the Calendar icon in the top right. The Calendar will then open in its own window.

Add a One Time Event

Click on any day of the Calendar to see the Add Event button. Click "Event".

This will bring up the Event Quick Add window. Required fields are marked in blue.

Enter pertinent details such as an event name and description, as well as the time span. Make sure the event has the visibility setting of "Staff" so that anyone looking at the fp. calendar can see this event. Leave the Repeat option as "No Repeat" as this is not a recurring event.

Click Submit when ready.

The new Event now shows on the Calendar. Hover over the Event to see more information. Click the Event to edit or delete.

Add a Longer Term Event

Click on the first day of the planned Event on the Calendar. You will see the Add Event button. Click "Event".

Enter pertinent information such as the event name, and a description. Enter an appropriate end date - in this case, our event starts on the Monday, and is set to end on the Friday.

Mark this event as "All Day" and visible to Staff.

Click Submit when ready.

The new event now shows as spanning a week of time on the Calendar.

The same method could be used for Staff to enter in holidays or absences.

As well as used to just create events for yourself, that would only appear on your calendar. Just don't mark those events as staff visible, and mark them as Private.

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