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Function Point has a robust CRM component, allowing you to add an endless number of Clients, Suppliers, Vendors, and their associated contacts. Contacts are always associated to a Company in your system.

Adding a new Contact to your FP system is a straightforward process.  Please see two methods below by which to create new Contacts.  

If you are adding staff, please see these directions, which are more specific to that process:  Adding a New Staff Member

Method 1

From the main navigation bar, hover over Contacts and choose Add Contact.  

If you have worked with this area of the system before, you will see a list of the companies you have added/ edited contacts for most recently. If you see the company for whom you are adding a contact, select that company name. If you do not see the appropriate company listed, just click Add Contact itself.

For this article, I am just clicking Add Contact and not selecting one of the Company names to the right.

You will land on the Add Contact page. Required fields are marked in blue.  Non-required fields can be filled in now, or later as you access more information on this person.

The Company field is required. Contacts do need to be associated to a Company in your system. If the Company for this Contact does not yet exist in your system, click the "+" button to create that Company record.

If the Company does exist, type part of the name, and tab out of the field. The system will then either auto-complete the name for you, or give you a list of options to choose from.

Click Submit when you have finished entering the record. You will also always be able to edit or change this information as needed.

This Contact is now visible under the Company record, on the Contacts tab. Click the record to go back and view more information, or make edits.

Method 2

An alternate way to add a contact, is to do so from any Company page. Click the Add New menu, and choose Contact.

Company level details will already be added for you.

Just add in all required fields (marked in blue), and click Submit when done.

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Does anyone know how to permanently delete or remove a contact?

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