What's New - Client Portal Experience

We’ve recently introduced several improvements to the Client Portal. This article offers a quick walk-through of the new look. You’ll notice the main changes affect the tabs for Requests and Active Work.

None of these changes should impact how you add requests or view work in the portal.

Active Work Tab - Then

On the previous version of the Active Work tab, Job names along the left were displaying a "..." when the name was longer than the available space.

Active Work Tab - Now

Job names now wrap as needed and display in full. As well, we've improved associated areas within a Job like Links, to better display column headers and the ability to sort.

Requests Tab - Then

On the previous version of the Requests tab, you would move through a series of pages in order to create your request. Large yellow buttons would indicate steps for you along the top of the page.

Requests Tab - Now

Gone are the yellow buttons, but you'll still be guided through along the top of the page. We've also generally cleaned up the layout and spacing, making it more clear who you are submitting the request to, who it's from and giving more screen space to the content you're adding in.

There's no change to what you can do or see, only improvements to the look and page layout(s).


We hope you'll continue to enjoy using this tool, and that you will benefit from these changes.


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