Adding Companies and Contacts

Function Point has a robust CRM component, allowing you to add an endless number of Clients, Suppliers, Vendors, and their associated contacts. Inputting new Companies and Contacts into your fp. system is easy!

Please review this article to learn the recommended steps.

Note that in order to add a contact to the system, there will need to be a company in place. All contacts need to be associated to a company. For freelancers,we recommend creating a company name to match the freelancer name, and then adding the freelancer as a contact to that company.

Add a Company

Login to your fp. system. From the main navigation bar, hover over Companies and choose Add Company.

You will land on the Add Company page. Required fields are marked in blue.  Input as much information as you can, knowing you can always come back to this page to add more information as it becomes available.

How might you use some of these fields? Here are some of our ideas, but you're certainly not limited to these:

  • Rate Category - Selecting from one of your rate cards here at the Company level, will mean that the rate will be pre-picked for you when you go to add work for this client.
  • Classification - Consider using this field to track client engagement levels, with terms like "At Risk", "Engaged" or "Evangelist."
  • Qualification - Where in the sales cycle are you with this company? Maybe you're at a first demo, or contract review, or they are a client.
  • Source - Where did you gain this client, prospect or supplier from? A Google AdWords campaign? A web banner ad? A referral from another client?

Dropdown menu fields, including Prov/ State, Country, Classification, Status, Company Type, Qualification, Source and Industry Type, can have their content controlled and configured. Do so via the Admin menu > System Set Up > List Maintenance.

Fields such as Rate Category and Tax Group pull content from the Admin area. Review these articles for more information:

The names in the menu for the AE field are controlled by a staff level permission. Learn more about setting that permission here: Setting Staff to Appear as AE in Drop Down Menus

On both the Company, and Contact levels, you can add as many Custom Fields as you wish. The content of these fields is searchable, and the fields can be text based, dropdown menus you create, or date picker. Learn more about creating Custom Fields here: Creating Custom Fields for Your Companies & Contacts

Click Submit to save this Company record.

Add Contacts to the Company

Now that the Company is in place, you can add Contacts who are associated to that Company. From the Add New button, choose Contact.

You will land on the Add Contact page. Required fields are marked in blue, and some information will auto-fill from the Company level:

  1. The options that show under the Contact Type menu are controlled under List Maintenance.
  2. Just as on the Company page, the Contact page can have as many Custom Fields added as you like.
  3. Mailing List and Holiday are a couple of optional settings you can use as part of fp.'s Bulk Emailing feature. Learn more here: Bulk Emailing with fp.

When you have added all the content for this Contact, click Submit.

Repeat these steps to add more Companies and Contacts to your fp. system.

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