Please review these common questions regarding the Briefs module in your fp. system. Have your own question and can't find the answer? Email support@functionpoint.com for help.

Q:  So my brief can be 2 pages? Why might I use only 1 page, or use 2 pages?

A: Your Brief Template can be made up of questions and answer fields that all show on a single page, or across 2 pages.

If you have an especially question-laden Brief, it could be good to spread those questions across 2 pages. You could also break the types of questions over the 2 pages - page 1 being all about the look of the deliverable, page 2 being all about the content.

What we see happen most often, is using page 1 for client facing questions, and page 2 for internal eyes only questions. This can be taken a step further if you are using the fp. Portal, as you can set only the first page of the Brief as visible to your Portal users.

How you use page 1 and/ or page 2 is really up to you!

Q: I created a great brief but it's not showing up in the Portal, or when I try to add a Brief in fp. What am I doing wrong?

A: It's possible that the Brief Template is not in an Active state. Navigate back to Admin > Feature Management > Brief Templates. If the Brief is greyed out under the Status column, that means it's not marked as Active. Click into the Brief Template to change this setting.

Q: What should I use the Status field for on a Brief Details page?

A:  The Brief Status is generally used if you have a specific workflow that you want to track and search for Briefs in your system by. If you don't have a particular workflow for Briefs, you will still need to select a Status, but you can limit the options, as well as set a certain option as the default. To make those kinds of changes, just edit the settings to this dropdown menu via Admin > System Set Up > List Maintenance.

Q: How can I give my team member access to the Brief Templates area under Admin?

A: There are 2 permissions a user will need in order to access Brief Templates from the Admin view. First, they'll need to be able to see the Admin menu, and second, they'll need to be able to add and modify the Templates.

See the screenshots above for more information, and be sure to click Submit on the permissions area, should you make any changes to it.

Q: I'd like to just make a copy of a Brief Template and just change it slightly. Can I do that?

Q: I'd like to just make a copy of a Brief Template and just change it slightly. Can I do that?

A: Absolutely. Navigate to Admin  > Feature Management > Brief  Templates.

Click New Brief Template in the top right.

Enter the name for your new template and then choose the radio button for "By Copying Another Template".  Click on the magnifying glass in this field to then select the Tempalte you wish use as the basis for your new one.

Then continue to complete the Template as normal.

Q: How can I find a Brief my client swears he completed in the Portal and submitted?

A: Login to your fp. system, hover over Briefs in the main navigation bar, and choose Find Brief.

Enter any information you have, such as Company Name, and/ or Creation Date to narrow down your search. Hit Find Briefs when ready.  

If you still cannot find the Brief, ask your client to login to the Portal, and make sure they didn't just save the Brief as a Draft.

Q: Can I make a copy of a Brief that's already in my system? And then associate it to a different client?

A: Yes and yes. From any Brief in your system, click the Actions button and choose Copy Brief.

You'll land on a Copy Brief page, and you will see the word COPY has been added to the duplicated Brief Name. All the fields here are editable though, including the Company Name. Note that you can choose to copy the questions, or both the questions and answers. Also note that copying the brief, does NOT in turn copy any files that were associated to the original Brief.

Click Submit, and the new Brief will be created. From there, you can associate it to an Estimate, Job or Project.

We welcome your questions or concerns: support@functionpoint.com


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