Flagging Contacts

Flagging Contacts is the way in which you can mark and view your Contacts in Function Point. You can flag a Contact for any reason.

Adding a flag is a personal setting, based on your login name, not on your company wide version of fp. As such, different people can flag different Contacts as they see fit. For example, your sales team may wish to flag Contacts who need a follow up in the next week, whereas your CEO may wish to flag Contacts who have been with you for over a year, and need a note of thanks.

A Contact can be flagged from both a list view, as well as from an individual Contact page. Flagging is also an important part of Bulk Emailing, should you choose to do that through our system.

Please review this article to learn more.

How to Flag a Contact - List View

To get to a list of Contacts, begin by hovering over the Contacts module in the main navigation bar, and choosing Find Contacts.

Narrow down your search results by any of the available fields - such as Last Name, Contact Type, and Contact Status. Click Find Contacts when ready.

Alternately, to see your full contact list (aka all the contacts in your system), select no search parameters, and just hit Find Contacts.

You may end up with a long list of Contacts, or a single result. Directly from this list view, you have the option to Flag/ Un-flag anyone listed. Simply tick/ un-tick the box beside the person's name. Changes you make will save as you go.

How to Flag a Contact - Individual Page

From any particular individual Contact page, you can also flag and un-flag Contacts, and you don't even need to be in edit mode to do so. Simply click the flag tick box on or off as needed. You changes will save immediately.

How to Search for Flagged Contacts

To find your flagged contacts, hover over Contacts in the main navigation bar, and choose Find Contact.

From the Contact Find page:

  1. Check the box beside Flagged
  2. Click Find Contacts.

This will generate a list view of all the contacts you have marked as flagged.

Managing Flags

From either Contact List view, you have some additional controls around Flags, via the Manage Flags button.

Here. you can make some broad stroke changes, and control how far they should go - ie. just to the page of the list view you are on (this page only), all the records found in this search (all found records), or all the records in your fp. system (all records in system).

From this list view you can also click Email Flagged to send an email message from your fp. system to the Contacts marked as Flagged.

Use fp.'s email template option to pre-build your message(s), or type in content and even add attachments. Please note that messages sent via fp. show as coming from the email address noreply@functionpoint.com

We hope you'll find Flagging contacts a useful part of your fp. system. And we welcome your questions or concerns: support@functionpoint.com


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