Customizing Your Dashboard

Users have the ability to customize both the layout and the content of their dashboards in Function Point. Each user can create multiple dashboard configurations which can be easily switched from the top navigation bar.  

 Open the Customize Dashboard Window

Hover over the Dashboard icon and choose Customize Dashboards.

 Now choose to either make a new Dashboard, or activate one of our pre-built templates.

Choose a Pre-Built Template

From the Template menu, pick your preferred option, then Save & Close.

Template options include:

      Classic:  Timesheets, Jobs, Pinned Notes and Tasks/To Dos

      Current Work:  Calendar, Tasks/To Dos, Recent Viewed Items and Alerts

      Quick View Everything: Alerts, Jobs, Timesheets, Recent Viewed Items, Tasks/To Dos and Pinned Notes

      Time & Dates: Calendar and Timesheets

      Recent Items & Dates:  Recently Viewed Items and Calendar

      BI Visuals  (Business Intelligence Visuals): Jobs by Company Summary, Timesheet Summary, Job Summary, Task/ Time Summary, and Recent Viewed Items

Clicking Save & Close takes you back to your Dashboard. To move to the new one, click the Dashboard icon again and select the new option.

Your Dashboard will update immediately.

Build Your Own Dashboard

Again hover over the Dashboard icon, and choose Customize Dashboards.

Click the "+" to add a new Dashboard layout.

Give the new Dashboard a name, and then choose from a wide range of layout options. Layouts can have as few as 1 tile, and as many as 6. Note that the size of the tile, will determine the content it can contain - for example, the smallest tile size cannot house the Calendar data.

As you select tile layouts, the content options will change.

When you're happy with your new Dashboard, click Save & Close, or Save & Continue to make another Dashboard.

Your new Dashboards will all be available from the Dashboard icon, and you can toggle between them anytime.

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How do you delete a dashboard?

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