Lead Management & CRM Tools

Your FP system includes a robust customer relationship management system. Please review this article to learn how lead management & CRM tools in FP can help you classify, search for, and manage your leads and prospects.

Using Qualification Fields and Custom Fields

Function Point can be used as an excellent lead management tool by conducting searches using the qualification fields and custom fields found on the Company Details page.

You’ll notice in the Company Add/Edit page that there are several fields such as Company Type, Qualification, Classification, Source, and Industry Type that are part of your system.

Setting up these fields with dropdown options that match the terminology at your agency is a recommended first step. Do so via the Admin area, under System Set Up > List Maintenance.

Let’s take Classification as an example of how to use this feature. Choose Classification from the left hand side. This will populate the content on the right side - which we can edit, re-order and add to. Click Add New.

When you are done making changes, click Save.

Changes you save will be immediately available for use.

Any field you use to create Companies and Contacts, can also be searched by. From the main navigation bar, hover over Companies and choose Find Company.

Use the Find page to search by any available field, alone or in combination. Click Find Companies when ready. Alternately, to see a list of all the Companies in your system, leave all the fields blank and just click Find Companies.

From the resulting list of Companies, click the Manage Columns button, to build a list view of your choosing.

  1. Pick and choose from the Standard (and any Custom) fields. Tick an associated box to show on the list view, un-tick to not show.
  2. In the preview of the layout, drag and drop columns into the order you prefer.  
  3. Save your changes.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields

Let’s say you also wanted to be able to classify and search by the organization size. Capture this information by creating a new field at the Company level. Go to Admin > System Set Up > Custom Fields.

Note that you can add as many custom fields as you like at both the Company and Contact levels. Any Custom Field you create is searchable, and can be added to your list views of Companies or Contacts. Please review this article to only learn more about Custom field: Creating Custom Fields for Your Companies & Contacts

You will land on the Manage Custom Fields page, and the Company tab. Click the Set up a Custom Field button.

Give the new custom field a name, and then choose the field type - you have 4 options:

Select - enables you to build a drop down list of options

Text - a single text field (with room for 100+ characters)

Text Area - a larger text field, allowing for multiple lines

Date Field - enables a date picker calendar

Choose Select, and then add in your options by clicking the New Option button.

Enter the option, and choose to make this option the default when adding or searching for companies in your system.

Click New Option as many times as needed to build out your dropdown menu.

Click Save Custom Field when ready.

The new field now shows in the Unused Fields area. Use the right arrow button to assign this new custom field to the Company level of your FP system. Click Save Changes when done.

Your newly created Custom Field will now show when you add or edit any Company in your system.

Repeat these steps to add more fields to the Company or Contact levels.

CRM & Communications Tracking

CRM & Communications Tracking

You can set up templates for emails to send to prospects and clients, such as a follow up email, if you want to send them the same text each time.  Go to ADMIN > Feature Management  > Note and Email Templates.  

To email a contact using Function Point’s email templates, which will also create an entry under the Company/Contact Notes section for you to reference easily later on, create a Note for the Contact.

Note: The contact must have an email entered into their Contact record for this to work!

There are two ways to create a Note for the Contact:

Option 1.  From the Company page, on the Contacts tab, click the Add Note button.

Option 2. From the Contact page, choose the Add Note button in the top right.

Once you are in the Add Note page, you can select a Template from the drop-down box (f you have built any out).  The Template will populate the Note Title and Details, which you can change as needed/ fill in as needed.

Enhance the Note further by choosing a Category, using the Note as a prompt for follow up, Pin the Note to the Dashboard of a colleague, and even add Files.

Click Submit when ready.

Once the Note is saved, you will see further options to send it out via Email, Print it, or Add Comments.

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