Your Dashboard

Your Function Point Dashboard, is where you will land upon logging into the system. From here, you can easily navigate to other areas of the system, and get a snapshot view both into your organization, and what's on your plate. Please review this article to learn more about this screen.

The Classic View

Any member of your team with a login for Function Point, will get the same "Classic"  view when first accessing the system.  This Dashboard is made up of four tiles.

  • Timesheets: where staff track their time
  • Jobs: where active jobs in the system are displayed
  • Pinned Notes: acts like an internal message board  
  • Tasks/ To Dos: where one can view and filter tasks in the system

Dashboard views can be customized - click here to learn more: Customizing Your Dashboard

Navigation Bars

The main navigation bar lives under your company banner. What appears in the main navigation bar can be configured, and several of the terms can be changed to better suit your company terminology. The bar can include all of the above, or you can be more specific about what people can or cannot access within each of these modules.

What is seen is permission based, and the terms are controlled via the Admin menu > System Set Up > System Preferences, and the Replace tab.

Only users with very particular permission settings will see the areas in the far right of the main navigation bar: Reports and Admin.

There is a top navigation bar, that includes some cool information. For starters, no matter where you navigate in the system, clicking the "fp. do more" icon,  or the speedometer icon will bring you back to your Dashboard screen.

Clicking the top left quadrant of your banner image will also always bring you back to the Dashboard screen.

Custom Dashboards

Custom Dashboards

Clicking the speedometer icon will also provide the option to create your own Custom Dashboards. There are several dashboard tiles you can pick and choose from, and no limit to the number of Dashboards you creates. We also have provided some pre-built dashboard templates that might work for you.

To learn more about making your own dashboards, please review this article: Creating Custom Dashboards

Once you have created new dashboards, you can toggle between them quickly, from the dashboard icon.

In-System Alerts

In-System Alerts

In-system alerts also appear in the top bar. New alerts and their total number show in orange. Within the alerts dropdown, alerts can be snoozed, dismissed, or clicked on to get to their details page.

To learn more about setting up alerts, please review this article: System Alerts


Your fp. system does include a Calendar. Clicking the calendar icon will open the calendar in a new browser window.

To learn more about your fp. Calendar, please review this article: The fp. Calendar and Filter Building

Helpful Links

Helpful Links

Hovering over the info icon will display the Help menu, including both Support and Policies related links:

  • Training - Will take you to our online training area, full of documents, training videos, webinar sign ups, and webinar recordings.
  • Webinars - Will take you to our webinar web page, where you can sign up for free upcoming sessions, and access recordings of past sessions.
  • Community Forum - Will take you to our community pages that include an option to sign up. Signing up will allow you to submit feature requests to fp.
  • What's New - Will take you to a list, in reverse date order, of product enhancements and feature releases. 
  • Contact Support - Will take you to our support page, through which you can submit a ticket to our tech support team. You can also do this via email by contacting
  • Submit an Idea - Will take you to our ideas portal, where you can easily submit your suggestions for new features, new functionality or general improvements to the software.
  • Terms of Service - Click to review fp.'s terms of service.
  • Privacy Policy - Click to review fp.'s privacy policy

Self Management

Self Management

Hovering over your own name will give you the option to change your fp. password, and log out of the system.

From this dropdown, you can also access the In/ Out Board.

From here, you can specify if you're in or not in the office, and perhaps a comment as to why. You can see if other staff are in or out as well.

Note that you can add to status options to In/ Out Board via Admin > System Set Up > List Maintenance, and the list menu called Staff Office Status."

Quick Search

Quick Search

From the top right, you can access the Quick Search tool.

Simply enter in some or all of what you're looking for to the field, and then choose from what module to search within. You can use your tab key to move from the "Quick Search" field, to the "Within" drop down list. And just hit Enter/ Return to begin the search.

You will be navigated to a resulting list of matches to your quick search, or be taken to the one result, should there be only one.

The Quick Search can be accessed from any page in your fp. system. The system will also remember your selected search parameter (ie. Within Jobs) for the remainder of your fp. session.

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