Creating & Managing Alert Sets

Although you can allow your staff to pick and choose what alerts they receive from the FP system, you may find it faster and easier, to use the existing pre-built Alert Sets in your system, or create your own, and then assign those alert sets to your staff as you see fit.

Please review this article to learn more.

To access Alert Sets, navigate to Admin > Alert Management > Alert Subscription Sets.

You should find several pre-built Alert Sets. Each set has been designed to include what we consider to be the most suitable alerts are for each of these kinds of users - from a Basic User to an Administrator.

You can review a summary of the alerts included in the pre-built alert sets above.

Edit a Current Alert Set

Edit a Current Alert Set

Choose on the name of the alert set you wish to change and then click Select.

The selected set will then load into the Alert List. Drill into any area to see your options.

You'll see you have the option for the alert to be either received in system (up in the top navigation bar or on screen as a Dashboard tile), and/ or via email.

For certain alerts, there are additional options in the description area, to further narrow down the alert setting- ie. to only receive the alert if you are a job contact, or to only receive the alert if the item was assigned out by you or to you.

When you are done making changes to the set, assign the set to any members of your team, or just click Submit. Any staff members who already have this alert set, will have the updated version once you hit Submit.

Create a New Set

Create a New Set

From the Choose An Alert List drop down menu pick Create New and then the Select button.

Clicking Select will in turn display the "For Client Portal User" tick box. Click this box if you are creating an Alert Set for your FP Portal users to use, rather than an Alert Set for your staff members.

To learn more about FPPortal User Alerts, please review this article: Portal User Subscription/Alert Sets  

Give the Alert Set a name. Then begin to choose why and how these Alerts go out. Each grouping of Alert options may have one or several ways in which the Alert can trigger.

Looking at Alerts related to a Company, there is only the option to get an Alert if  new Company is created. This Alert can arrive in-system - ie. it will show in your top navigation bar and/ or in a Dashboard tile - or via email.

Whereas Alerts related to Tasks have several options - including the ability to further narrow down the Alert based on who made the Task, or who is Assigned the Task.

Once you are happy with the newly created set, assign the set to any of your staff members and click Submit. Or, if you are not ready to give this set out to anyone, leave off selecting any staff, and hit Submit only.

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