System Alerts

Your Function Point system has the ability to notify you of a wide variety of actions in the system. These may be actions that require you to mark something as approved. work on a task, or are just there to keep you in the loop. You can control how many and what kind of alerts each of your team members receive.

Please review this article to learn more.  

Choosing Alerts

Choosing Alerts

To see the alert options, navigate to the Admin menu > Alert Management > Alert Subscription Sets.

You will land on the Manage Alert Lists page. From here, you can drill into any of the Alert Types listed, to see the alert options.

Be mindful of the Description sections, as they may include options to further define the alert.  In the example above, you can use the "If I am a Job Contact" option to limit the alert to only those times where you are a contact on that new job.

Creating Alert Sets

From this same area, you can choose to build sets of alerts. Perhaps your AE's need to get alerted regarding companies and contacts being added, whereas your bookkeeper needs to know when invoices are added to the system.

To create a set, choose Create New from the dropdown, and click Select.

  1. Give this new set a name.
  2. Select what alerts should be included. Alerts can be delivered via email, and/ or via an in system notice.

3.      Choose which staff members should be receiving this set of alerts you've created.
4.      Click Submit to save your changes.

Enable Staff to Choose Alerts for Themselves

Enable Staff to Choose Alerts for Themselves

As an alternative to creating and assigning out Alert Sets, you can give your staff the ability to choose alerts for themselves.

Begin by navigating to the Admin menu, and choosing Rate and Staff Management > Staff, Staff Rates and Permissions.

You will land on your Staff List. Click on the Permissions button for the staff member of your choosing.

Drill into the permission group called Administrator and select the box for "Admin | Manage My Alert Subscriptions." Click Submit (bottom right of page) to save your changes.

Please note: Using Permission Sets can be a great way to easily give the same permissions to multiple staff members. Rather than just tick the box and save as above, you may prefer to update/ adjust the permission set. To learn more about permission sets, please review this article: Manage Permissions/ Permission Sets

Selecting Your Alerts

Selecting Your Alerts

When staff are ready to pick their alerts, they can do so from their contact record under the Contacts module.

Under the tab called Subscriptions, staff member can now pick which alerts to receive and by what method - email and/ on in-system.  Click Submit (bottom right of page) to save changes.

How/ Where Alerts Appear

In-system alerts appear at the top of your FP system. Click the icon for more information. Alerts can be snoozed, dismissed, or clicked for more details. To hide this notice board, just click away.

You can also choose to create a customized dashboard that includes Alerts as one of the tiles.

Email alerts will come to the inbox for the email address you have on record in your FP system. You will see pertinent details within the email, and can click within the email message to get to the associated place in your FP system.

We hope you'll find alerts to be a great way to keep on top of all the activity within your FP system. And we welcome your questions or concerns:


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