Peachtree - Export from fp.

Your fp. system will allow you to generate invoices and expenses, and export them out as a file. You can then import that file into your accounting package. Please review this article for the associated steps to do this using Peachtree.

Set the Correct Office Preference

Set the Correct Office Preference

As a first step, you will need to make sure the Admin area of your system is set properly to exporting to Peachtree. Hover over the Admin menu and choose System Set Up > Office Preferences.

If you do not see Peachtree as the set Accounting Package, click to Edit Details.

Select Peachtree from the dropdown menu.

Then click Submit to save this change.

Create Invoices and/ or Expenses

As you land work and add it to your system, you can begin to associate Invoices and Expenses to that work.

Learn more about those processes here:

Creating Interim & Final Invoices - Basic Steps

Filling Out External Expenses

Export the File

Once an Invoice has been created, it can be exported out of fp. First it will need to be marked as Posted.

From the Invoice page, click Post Invoice.

Now click Export Invoice.

Depending on your browser, and browser settings, the invoice file will download to your machine --  you may be asked to Open or Save the file, or it may auto download to a Downloads folder. If given the option to open or save, choose to Save File.

Note that this step also changes the Invoice Status to Exported.

Open your version of Peachtree, and find the exported file on your machine. Then import into Peachtree.  

Please Note

  • Should you edit the Invoice or Expense in fp. or in Peachtree, make sure to update the other system accordingly. Changing something in fp. will not alert you to the need to also update Peachtree.
  • Also, Peachtree cannot import Batch Invoices from fp.

For further help

For further help

Should you need assistance regarding Peachtree, you will need to contact your Peachtree representative, or you can try their Support pages:

For Function Point related questions, you can contact our support team via email:


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