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Exciting News! Updates have been made to the UI since this document was created. Although the functionality in this article hasn’t changed, the look and feel has, and some elements may have moved

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Please review this document to learn how to move an invoice from your fp. system into Xero. You may also wish to watch this corresponding video: Seamlessly Importing fp. Invoices into Xero Accounting - Training Video

Importing a Single Invoice

Importing a Single Invoice

Begin by making sure you have both Function Point and your Xero Accounting system open.

In your fp. system, navigate to the details page of an invoice.

Select to Post (if not done so already) and Export the invoice. This will download the invoice as a .csv file to your computer.

Now go into Xero Accounting. Select Accounts > Sales.

Then click to Import.

Now select your file, and click Import.

You will see a notice that the one invoice is being imported.  Click to Complete Import.

You will then find that invoice in a draft status.

You can select that invoice to review the information, and if all looks right, click to Approve.

This is now an approved invoice awaiting payment.

Importing Multiple Invoices

Importing Multiple Invoices

In Function Point, generate a list of multiple invoices - do so via INVOICES > Find Invoice, and selecting parameters as you see fit. At the top right of the list of invoices, you'll find an Export button.

Clicking Export will open up a separate tab that will display each invoice from the list. Click to Export by Batch, which will download and save as a .csv folder to your machine.

Go back into Xero Accounting, choosing Accounts > Sales, and the Import button again.

Find the file from your downloads folder, and Import.

You'll see a notice referencing the number of invoices in the batch that have now been imported. Click the Complete Import button.

Both of those invoices are now sitting in a draft status.

Click into each invoice to approve them one by one, or select all from the list, and approve in one step.

Both invoices are now approved, and awaiting payment.

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Erin McCall

Hi guys, batch exporting invoices using the process outlined above used to work perfectly for us, but today when we created the Invoice Export List and then clicked "Batch Export All Posted Items" we got a CSV file with no invoice data in it. I noticed all the invoices were showing as unposted, so we manually went through and clicked Post on each one, but this was a time consuming process and not a step that we used to have to take. Why the change? Is there a better way of getting all the invoices to posted status?

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