Exporting Invoices & Expenses to Simply

Function Point will export invoices & expenses marked as “Posted” to an .iif (QuickBooks file type) file which can be imported by Simply Accounting.  

Setting Your Accounting Software

In ADMIN >  System Set -Up > Office Preferences, make sure that your Accounting Package is set to Simply Accounting.

Locating The Files To Export

1. Do an Invoice Find with “Exported Status” set to Unposted.

In the results page, click on the white & green icon (green arrow in a white circle) on the top right of the row of buttons.  This will bring up the Invoice Export Page.

In the Invoice Export view change the export status to "Posted" on each of the invoices you want to export .

Once the files have been exported to the .imp, fp. will automatically mark them as "Exported".

Importing the .imp into Simply Accounting

1. Open Simply Accounting

2. Go to: File --> Import/ Export -->  Import Transaction --> Import purchase invoices, quotes, sales invoices, contracts and time slips

3. Find the file you want to import, select it, and click “Open”.  This will import the data into Simply Accounting.


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