Android Timetracking App

The FP Android App allows you to track time to your Jobs and Tasks using your Android device. Simply download the application from the Google Play store for free, login with your regular credentials and start tracking time!

Please review this article to learn how to track time with this App.

What can you do in the App?

We've heard your feedback and are pleased to be offering the ability to time track using Android devices.

Download the App

From the Google Play store, search for the Function Point App and download (or click this link). No special access to your device will be required, but your device will need to be on a fairly current version of the Android OS. The App is supported on Android versions 4.4x and higher including Kitkat, Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat.

Logging In

Once the App is installed and launched, you will be directed to a login screen. As you would on your computer, enter your Company Name, Username and Password to access the time tracking features.

Track Time to Jobs

Time can be tracked to active Jobs in your FP system using the Android App. Navigate to the My Jobs tab. Here, you'll see Jobs to which you tracked time in the last 2 weeks.  Click a Job listed to add time to this Job and a related Service bucket.


  1. Use the + / - buttons (increments of 15);
  2. Tap the numeric display to manually input numbers;
  3. Or the timer to add time.

Search for Time Trackable Jobs

Don't see the Job to which you need to track time listed? No problem! Begin by clicking the search icon.


Start typing into the available search bar and results will begin to populate below. Search for Jobs via:

Job Name
Job Number
Project Name
Company Name
Company Code

Track Time to Tasks

Track Time to Tasks

Choose the My Tasks tab to see all Tasks that have you as the assignee, and that are in the status of Assigned or In Progress. Tasks are arranged by due date. Tap a Task to add time to it.

  1. Use the + / - buttons (increments of 15);
  2. Tap the numeric display to manually input numbers;
  3. Or the timer to add time.

Note that time you track to an Assigned Task will move it to an In Progress status. Also note that you can move Tasks to a Completed status. Completed Tasks are unavailable for further time tracking.

Timetracking Offline

Timetracking Offline

If you are offline for any reason (on the subway, on a plane, fighting Smaug) you will have the ability to create a timesheet that will need to be submitted once you're back online.

Storing of Timesheets

Storing of Timesheets

Time you track will save to the Timesheets tab of the App.

  • A total of your hours for the day will appear at the top
  • Tap through the < and > arrows to see past Timesheets, or move forward to present day.
  • Swipe to delete a Timesheet. Note that posted Timesheets cannot be deleted, just as in the main FP system.
  • Click any Timesheet to edit the time or description.

Marking Work as "Favourites"

Marking Work as &quot;Favourites&quot;

As you track time to a combination of a Job or Task and its associated Service (ie. Copywriting, Design, etc) you can choose to mark is as a "Favourite." Combinations you mark this way will appear under their own tab of the App.

Simply swipe to remove anything from your Favourites list. And just tap to edit, re-arrange the list order, or bulk delete.


Please share any feedback (what you like and don't like + any ideas) to us via email:


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