The Job Summary Tab

The Job Summary tab is where you will land when navigating to a Job. This tab is a great high level visual into the current state of the Job.

Please review this article for a walk through of what you can find on this page.

The Summary tab contains a great deal of information, which we'll examine below in smaller segments.

The content of this section is displaying the following:

  1. Estimate: Visual indication of the Estimate status. A tick mark for approved Estimates, an X for declined estimates, a ? for submitted Estimates and a ~ for those still in review. Click within this box to be taken to the Estimate tab, and change the status as needed.
  2. Contacts: The total number of contacts on this Job. Click within this box to be taken to the Contacts tab, where you can Manage Job Contacts.
  3. Emails: Total number of emails coming in/ going out that included the unique email address for this Job, and/ or any Note added to the Job with the Note Category of Email. Click within this box to be taken into a list view of these emails. To learn more about connecting FP with your email, please review this article - Connect your Company, Contact & Job Related Emails into the Notes Area(s) of your FP System.
  4. Notes: Notes associated to the Job that are any Note Category other than Email. Click here to be taken to a list view of the notes.
  5. Tasks: All associated Tasks to the Job. If the Total, Draft, Open or Done, have a value of at least one, click into that number to get to a list view of those tasks.
  1. Profit: Display of your invoiced dollars (total invoiced amounts on job to date), cost dollars (total cost on the Job to date included tracked time and expense actuals) and their variance dollars (difference between invoiced and costs) to date. Click into any of the values to be taken to the Job Financials tab.
  2. Health: Estimated values versus Actual (tracked time and expenses) values to date. The Variance is the estimated value minus the actual value. The health view is an excellent snapshot of how you are, or are not, staying on budget for this work.
  1. Time/ Task Overview: Bar graph representation of the hours on this Job. Dark blue for the total number of hours you estimated, light blue for the number of hours you have tasked out, and turqoise/ orange to represent the Billable and Non-Billable hours tracked thus far. Hover over any coloured bar to see the amount, and click through to get to the related list view screen or job tab.
  2. Time/ Tasks: Visual of time and tasks on the Job. Dark blue for the Billable hours tracked to date. Orange for the Non-Billable hours tracked to date. Grey represents the total number of estimated hours at the Task level, for tasks that are in Assigned or In Progress (aka Open) status, for the person or persons by whom you are filtering. The Tasks are the number of Open (Assigned & In Progress) tasks for the person/ persons you are filtering by, number of Due (due dates in the next 7 days) Tasks for the person/ persons you are filtering by and number of Late (overdue) tasks for the person/ persons you are filtering by.
  3. Use this icon in the top right corner to change the filter settings. You can filter this widget to show information for all staff, or a particular role or individual.

Be encouraged to navigate to other tabs on this Job to see any further details. If a tab is in light grey, it means there is no content to show. From each tab, you can also take actions - here on the Contacts tab for example, we can add or remove contacts from this Job using the Manage Job Contacts button.

On the Expenses tab, we can see see Job related expenses broken out by virtue of being External or Internal. Clicking the expense date will take you to a more detailed and editable view of that expense.

And on the Timesheets tab, we can see information related to time tracked to this Job, and can drill into those timesheets by clicking the timesheet date, should we need to know even more.

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