Adding New Staff Members

Staff members and their login details are added through your own Function Point system. The number of staff members you are able to add, is based on the number of licenses you have purchased. If you need more licenses, please email If you want to reassign one of your existing licenses, you must make an existing FP user's license inactive.

Please review this article to learn how to add a new staff user to your system, once you have added that new license.

Add the New Employees to your Company Record

Add the New Employees to your Company Record

Before you can add a new employee as a staff member, you will need to add him or her as a Contact under your Office in your Function Point system.

Begin by finding your agency in the system. From the main navigation bar, hover over Companies and choose Find Company.

From the Company Find page, choose the Company Type of Office, then click Find Companies in the bottom right. Your agency is likely to be the only "Office" in your system, unless you have a multi-office set up to manage your different locations.

From the Company Details page of your Office, click the Add New menu, and choose Contact.

You will land on the Add Contact page. Fill in the appropriate information. Required fields are marked in blue.

Under Contact Type, be sure to select the type of Staff - subsequent steps in this article will not work, without the Contact being marked as Staff.

Click Submit when ready.

Connect to the Staff Member in the Admin Area

Once the new team member is added as a Staff Contact under your Office, you will need to connect them in the back-end of the system as well. From the main navigation bar, choose Admin > Rate and Staff Management > Staff, Staff Rates and Permissions.

Note that access to the Admin area is permission based. Please contact your in-house FP Administrator if you need to change your level of permissions.

You will land on the Admin Staff List. Click the +New Staff button from the top right.

Note that hovering over the +New Staff button will give your insight on your FP system. You will be able to see the number of licenses you're using, paying for, have used in the past, and have available for use now.

Click on the Name drop-down and choose the new team member. If you do not see the name you want, go back to the Contact record and make sure that person is both under your Office, and labeled with the Contact Type of Staff.

Set the Staff Permissions

Clicking Submit will be take you to the Manage Staff Permissions page.  Choose permissions or select the permission set (recommended) which best fits the role of the new member. Your base system will come with some pre-built permission sets, that you can use, and you are encouraged to add your own.

To learn more about staff permissions and permission sets, please review this article: Manage Permissions/ Permission Sets

If you bill by staff rate, you will also need to complete the associated steps. Please review this article to learn more about setting up staff rates: Setting up Staff Rates

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