Introduction to Shared Tasks

Shared Tasks are a way in which you can create only one Task, and have multiple staff assigned to it for the same amount of time. Shared Tasks save you time and provide an easy way to track billable meeting hours by allowing multiple people to track time to a single Task.

Do you have a meeting coming up that several people need to attend? A brainstorming session for the sales team? An off-site review of the proofs with the client and the designers? Then the Shared Task feature will be right for you. And like any other Task in FP, Shared Tasks are reflected on Resource Allocation, are time trackable, can have predecessors and dependencies, and are visible on the Tasks/ To Dos Dashboard tile.

Please review this article for an introduction to Shared Tasks.

Add a Shared Task to a Job

If your Job is not so large as to require a full Schedule, you can still add stand-alone Tasks that staff can be assigned and track time to. This is true of both Tasks that are really for one particular staff member to do, as well as for Tasks that may be shared equally by multiple staff members.

To begin, from the Job click the Add New button and choose Add Task.

You will land on an Add Task page. Required fields are marked in blue. Recommended fields to fill in include:

  1. Give the Task a name and description. Provide as much detail as needed so the assignee(s) know what's expected of them.
  2. Choose to Type of "Shared Task." This will allow for the selection of multiple assignees.
  3. Choose the Service bucket to which time tracked to this Task should be stored.
  4. Choose start and due dates and times as applicable.
  5. Begin typing a name, or simply click your space bar to see a list view of your staff members, organized by role. Pick a role to populate the Assigned To field with everyone under that role, or just select different people under different roles as you see fit.

6.     Choose the Task Status. Make the Task "Assigned" if you want it to appear on staff Dashboards, and for staff to be aware that this Task is on their plate.
7.     Enter the number of hours per staff member for this Task. Here I've inputted 2, and have 3 staff on the Task, so the system is showing a 6 hour total.

Click Submit when ready.

Add a Shared Task to a Schedule

From the New Task menu above the body of the Schedule, choose the Shared Task option. This will add the new Task to the bottom of the Schedule. It can be dragged/ dropped into another spot on the Schedule as needed.

If you wish to add the Shared Task to a particular spot, you can create it within the Schedule itself. Choose the new task menu from the row above where you wish the new Task to appear.

Once you have your Shared Task row, fill it in as you would any other Task. For the assignee field, you'll be able to select multiple staff. And for the Estimated Hours field, enter the amount of time per staff associated to the Task - in this case, 2 hours. The system will them multiply that by the number of staff on the Task.

And once you save, you will see this is a Shared Task by the multi-person icon by the task name and the "+" icon after the first set of assignee initials.

The Shared Task is also clear on the Gantt View - there is a multi-person icon and the horizontal bar is in a different shade of blue.

Choose to turn Shared Tasks off

Don't think Shared Tasks are for you, and don't want to see the option on your Schedules and Tasks? Choose to turn Shared Tasks off. From the Admin menu choose System Set Up > List Maintenance.

Pick the list for Task Type on the right. That will populate content on the left. Here on the Task Type list, we can see the 4 required types listed. To no longer show any of these, simply uncheck the associated active box, and Save your changes.

Alternately, if you want Shared Tasks but don't like the name, choose to Add New, name the task type as you choose, pick the "Shared Type" type, mark as active and Save your changes. There is no limit to the number of task types you can save.

Further Questions?

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Sebastian Pereira

Hi Sean,
When we try adding a new task through the schedule tab it does not allow to select the users/ multiple users for that task which has been newly created. But it does happen from the Jobs section thru Add Task. Please let me know. Thank You

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