How To: Update a Staff Name Change

We regularly get asked the process for making updates in fp. should a member of staff have a name change. To help clarify the steps, and make them easy to refer back to, we've written up a document!

Please read on for further details.

Change the Contact Details Page

To begin, find your Office in your fp. system and choose the Contacts tab. Click on the name of the person who has changed their name.

Click the Edit Details button.

Change the first and/ or last name as needed. Click Submit when done.

Change the Admin Area

Change the Admin Area

From the Admin menu choose Rate and Staff Management > Staff, Staff Rates and Permissions.

Click on the name of the impacted staff member from the list. You'll see that changes you made to the Contact page have been reflected here.

Update the (1) Staff Abbreviation and (2) User Name fields to reflect the name change.

You can choose to change the Password as well, but this is not a required step.

Click Submit to save your changes.

All done!

All done!

That's all there is to it. The updated staff member's name will now be reflected throughout the system - including any applicable drop down menus.

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