Alternate Task "Sharing" Options in fp.

With the recent introduction of Shared Tasks to the fp. system, you can now successfully have more than one person working for the same amount of time on the same task. Although we hope this will work for many of our users, there are three other ways in which tasks can be "shared" within your team.

Please review this article to learn these alternate methods for "sharing" a Task.

Option 1 - Pass the Task

Depending on the nature of the task, it might be a good case to make the task once, and have staff pass it to along to other team members as they complete their portion. Perhaps one staff person would be responsible for the first draft of some copy, but a second staff person would need to clean it up and make the final draft.

Once this Task is set to Assigned, for a live Job, and given to Brittany, it would appear on her Tasks/ To Dos list.

A Task set to In Progress can then have time tracked to it.

Brittany can then move the Task to Completed when she is done her portion.

Marking a Task as Completed brings up a modal where you can choose to pass the Task to another person. Click Submit when ready - doing so will remove the Task from Brittany's Dashboard, and move it to Marc for him to track time to.

Option 2 - Copy the Task

If you prefer the idea of having each team member having their own task to track time to, you can make a copy of any Task. Navigate to any Task in the system, and you will see the Copy Task button in the top right.

Clicking Copy Task will create a copy for you, and open up all the available fields for you to edit. Click Submit to save your changes.

If the Task you wish to copy is included on a Schedule, then you have another option. Begin by navigating to the Schedule where the Task lives. Then choose the menu dropdown beside that Task and the Copy Task option.

The copy of the Task will generate immediately below the original, and can be edited as needed.

Option 3 - Assign the Task to the Role Level

A single task, if assigned to the Role, rather than the individual staff member, can have time tracked to it to any staff member associated to that Role.

In order for this option to work properly, you'll need to make sure you have your system set up properly. First, make sure you have Roles in place, and staff associated to Roles.  Roles can be created in the Admin area under System Set Up > List Maintenance.

To learn more about assigning tasks to the Role level, please review this article: Assigning Tasks to the Role

Also in the Admin area, under System Set-Up > System Preferences, you will need to tell the system that you want to associated staff to a role. Just click the one button on the Work tab, and the Submit button to save your changes.

Now move over to the Task tab. Here, you'll need to tick the box to 'Share Tasks Between Role's Staff' and then click Submit to save this change.

Each staff member can be associated to a single Role. To set this portion up, navigate to Admin > Rate and Staff Management > Staff, Staff Rates & Permissions. Here, you will land on your Staff List, and can see, or drill in to edit the Role associated to each person.

You are now fully prepared to begin assigning tasks to the Role level, and will see this option when creating or editing Tasks in your system.

Back on the Dashboard, and the Tasks/ To Dos tile, filter the tile by those Tasks "Assigned to Me or My Role."

Doing so means that here on Brittany's Dashboard, because she has the Role of Project Manager, she can see the Tasks assigned to that Role level.

Brittany, and others under the same Role, can move this task to the In Progress status and track time.

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