Making an fp. User Inactive

We understand that staff changes at your agency can occur, and that your fp. system set up may be impacted by these changes. Knowing how to mark a staff users as inactive is important to know how to do for a couple of reasons:

  • The staff person has left or been let go, and you do not want them to be able to login to your fp. system anymore.
  • The staff person really doesn't need access to fp. and you want to "free up" their fp. license, so that it can be assigned to a different member of staff.

Please review this article to learn how to view your staff list, and how to make any staff member an inactive user.

Access the Staff List

Access the Staff List

Your staff list can be accessed from the Admin panel. From the Admin menu, choose Rate and Staff Management > Staff, Staff Rates and Permissions

You will land on the Admin Staff List. Hover over the +New Staff button to view or confirm your account details.

To mark a staff member as inactive, begin by clicking on their name from the list view.

Edit the staff record

On the Edit Staff page you can:

  1. Enter the last date of work or termination date for this staff person (if applicable).
  2. From the dropdown, choose the new status of Inactive. Note that doing so will also mark this person as Inactive on their record in the Contacts module.

Click Submit to save this change.

Give the license to another staff member

Marking a staff person as inactive, has now freed up one of my fp. licenses. Click the +New Staff button.

From the Name drop down menu, I will see any Contacts that are:

  • a Contact under my Office
  • have an Active Contact Status
  • have a Contact Type of "Staff"

Select the person you wish to get this freed up license, and fill in any required fields, and optional fields of your choosing. Learn more detailed steps on adding new staff users here: Adding New Staff Members

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