Mark an Invoice as Paid/ Payment Received

You've sent out an invoice and your client has provided payment - well  done! Now you'll want to update your fp. system regarding this payment. Please review this article to learn how to find the Invoice you want to update and mark that Invoice as paid.

Find the Invoice in the System

In order to update the Invoice with the payment information, you first need to find it. There are several ways you can do this. One option is via a search through the main navigation bar. Hover over Invoices, and choose Find Invoice.

You will land on the Invoice Find page. Here you can use any of the available fields to narrow down your search. Perhaps the Job Number, Job Name, the Invoice Status or Company Name field. Hit Find Invoices to see the resulting list.

Depending on your search parameters, you may see one or more Invoices listed. Click the row to go into a more detailed view.

Note that you can set your system to present a single result of a search in a list view, or to just take you to the result itself. This preference can be set under Admin > System Set Up > System Preferences, and the tab called Search.

If you were recently looking at the Invoice you need to update, you may also be able to quickly access it via the main navigation bar. Hover over Invoices, and choose View Invoice. Invoices you've recently viewed will appear. Click any one listed to go to the detailed view.

Update the Invoice

Once you land on the Invoice you need to update, you will want to be sure you're on the Basic Info tab. Click Edit Details when ready.

The fields you'll be looking for are on the bottom right:

  1. Enter the amount the client has paid towards this Invoice.
  2. Choose the method by which they paid. Note that you can add to or edit these options in List Maintenance.
  3. Enter the date the payment was made.

Click Submit when done.

The changes are now reflected here on the Invoice itself.

And back at the Job level, under the Invoices tab, we can also see the Payment Status and Balance are updates.

Repeat these steps to update any other Invoices in your system when clients make payments.

We welcome your questions or concerns:


Julie Bot

Is there a way to mark an invoice as an uncollectible or bad debt?

Jeremy Nichvalodoff

Hi Julie,

You can either delete the invoice and add a note to the job that it was bad debit or the best workaround is to make the invoice 0.00 and add then note.

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