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We often get asked "How should we handle staff expenses (ex. travel, mileage, hotel) in Function Point?" so, we have put together this article to share how we handle staff expenses at Function Point.  This is just one option so please speak to your on-boarding consultant or our support team if you have any specific requirements, and we will work with you to come up with another solution.

Step 1.  Add your staff as suppliers/vendors in your FP system

Create a new Company in your system and mark it with the Company Type of Vendor or Supplier. Make the Company Name the same as the name of your staff member who will be submitting expenses.

Click here if you're in need of a reminder on how to add new companies to your system: Add a Company

It's good practice to also add the staff member as a Contact under the vendor Company of their own name.  Click here if you're in need of a reminder on how to add new companies to your system: Add a Contact

Step 2.  Enter in the Staff Expenses

Once you have set up your staff as a vendor you are ready to add their expenses (receipts) into your system. From the main navigation bar hover over Expenses and choose External > Add Expense.

The Multi Line Expense view allows you to add expenses for multiple jobs for a single vendor. Required fields are marked in blue.

  1. In the Supplier field you can either type in all or some of the staff vendor company you created earlier, and tab out of the field. The FP system will either auto-complete the name for you, or present a list of closely matching options to choose from.
  2. Add in the Expense Date - the date will pre-populate with today's date but can be changed.
  3. The Reference Number field is typically used to enter the vendor invoice number but can be any code that you like. We'd recommend for staff expenses to establish some kind of naming convention. Here, we input the staff initials, an underscore, then the month abbreviation and full year.
  4. Enter in a description as needed.

Now we need to associate the expense to a Job in the system. Typically, staff expenses will be applied to an In-House Job, but can also be put against any client Job.

5.     Enter all or part of the Job name or number you want, and tab out of the field. The system will either auto-complete the name for you, or give you a list of close matches to choose from.
6.     Enter all or part of the Service Group name you want, or just click the magnifying glass option to see a list of Service Group options on this Job. Pick the appropriate Service within the Service Group from the dropdown menu.
7.     Choose the appropriate COGS/ Quickbooks account from your system. Note that this will be required data should you need to mark this expense as Posted, or export it.

You can now enter the content of your expense receipt(s) into the available fields.

8.     Enter a description of the expense - ie. the store you went to, or a bit about the purchase. This will be helpful to your accounting person, especially if you're handing in a pile of receipts.
9.     Enter in information such as the quantity, rate, and applicable taxes for the expense.
10.   Pick how mark-up should be calculated or enter any mark-up percentage. If this is an expense for an in-house job, it is unlikely that you'll be marking it up.

Click Add Line Item button to add another line, and to enter content of another receipt. You can add as many lines as needed, even for different jobs, so long as they are all for this same staff vendor. When done, click Save.

Voila!  A marvellous expense form.

Step 3. Print Up & Hand In

Step 3. Print Up & Hand In

This expense can now be printed and handed in with your receipts. You have a couple of options to generate this printout - both of which make our Controller happy anyway!

Option 1: Print Up the Find List View

From the main navigation bar, hover over Expenses and choose External > Find.

Enter the PO number if you recall it, or just search by Supplier (Vendor) name, and perhaps Creation Date. Click Find External Expenses when ready.

You will land on a list view of the expenses that meet the search criteria. Click Manage Columns.

Use the different selectable boxes, and the drag/ drop feature, to organize your list view in this way:

  • Expense Date
  • PO #
  • Company
  • Job
  • Service Group
  • Expense Type
  • Description
  • Total Cost

Click Save Columns when ready.

The list view is now showing your selected content in the chosen order. Then just use the Print button to generate a PDF of the on screen content, and hand this in with your receipts.

Option 2:  Create a Custom Version of the Expense List View

Follow the steps in this article (Add a Printout - External Expense List ) to create a custom version of one of your base system printouts - the External Expense List. You can see this printout as a selectable option when you are on the expense form.

By default, the printout shows the amount that is Billable (what you would bill the client), rather than the Total (what you owe the vendor). You can configure a version of this printout, label it accordingly, and use this as the printout staff hand in with their receipts.

This printout includes pertinent data regarding the expenses, and may be considered easier than manipulating the list view via Manage Columns.

We hope you'll benefit from following the same steps we use when it comes to staff members creating and submitting their work and office related expenses. And we welcome your questions or concerns:


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