Branding Your System

So you've signed up with fp. and are eagerly learning the system. But you want the system to feel more like your very own, with your wording and branding. There are a few places in fp. from which you can make these adjustments. Please review this article to learn how to personalize your Function Point system and the fp. Client Portal.

Putting Your Logo on Printouts

Putting Your Logo on Printouts

Both your client facing, and any internal printouts can show your company logo. You only need to add it to your system in one spot. Navigate to the Admin area under System Set Up  > Printing Preferences.

If your logo is already in place, it will show. Use the pencil icon to edit, or the X icon to remove this logo and upload an alternate one. You can upload one logo per Office.

By default, this logo will appear on all of your Standard Printouts. Click the Preview icon to view any of your standard printouts to see how the logo will appear.

Add Brand Templates

Should you want more prominent branding than just a logo on your printouts, you have the option to upload your own Brand Templates. The system will allow you to have up to 2 templates enabled for any office at a time. Brand Templates might have a watermark, a header and/ or footer, or make use of a cover page. Once a template is in your system, you can easily associate it to any internal or client facing printout.

Learn more about adding and using Brand Templates here: Add a Brand Template

Banner Image

The banner image is what displays across the top of your fp. system, above the main navigation bar. This same banner can also be shared over to the fp. Client Portal.

Change this banner image as often as you like. To do so, navigate to Admin > System Set Up > System Preferences.

Choose the tab called Branding.

  1. Upload the top banner image by selecting one for your computer.  The image parameters are specified next to the upload field.  Only one image can be uploaded at a time, and the system will not store older versions of the banner.
  2. Tick the box to also show this banner on the fp. Client Portal. Here, you can also customize the background of the Portal, using html colours, and images of your choice.

Should you make changes to this page, click Submit in the bottom right to save those changes.

Naming of Modules & Other System Wording

Naming of Modules & Other System Wording

Much of the terminology used in the standard fp. system can be changed. To do so, again navigate to Admin > System Set Up > System Preferences.

Choose the tab called Replace. Here you will see all the words you can change in the system marked in blue. You will also see what limitations exist for the length of the replacement word you choose, as well as some common alternatives we've seen used.

Popular re-naming examples include changing the word Job to Docket, Estimate to Quote, Estimate to Scope, Project to Campaign and Schedule to Timeline. Should you make any changes to this page, click Submit in the bottom right to save those changes.  

Please note that you may need to refresh your fp. page in order to see the changes take effect.

We hope you'll find these methods for branding your system to be quick and easy. And we welcome your questions or concerns:


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