Profit Analysis Report

The Profit Analysis Report is an excellent "one-stop shop" view into the financial details of your past and present work. Please review this article for a walk through the Profit Analysis report, including how to make the report available for your staff users.

Where to find this report

The Profit Analysis report lives in the Reports module, under the Analyze tab. Access to this module, and report is user permission based.

Click the report name to select the parameters of the report content.

Selecting Parameters

You have the choice of opening the report with or without defining specific parameters. Choose one or more parameter as you see fit. There are no required fields to generate this report, but keep in mind - if you select no parameters, and your system includes a significant amount of data, the report could take some time to generate and load.

Available parameters to narrow down the results by include:

  1. If you have more than one Office in your system, you can choose to filter results for only one of those Offices. Leaving this space blank, will generate the report using all of your Offices.
  2. The name of a particular client Company name in your system.
  3. The name of a particular Project.
  4. The name of a particular Job.
  5. Work that falls within a Date Range. Note that once you select a Start and or End date, you will be able to also tick the box be which will limit the report results to those Jobs that incurred actuals (timesheets and/ or expenses) within your chosen date range.

Click Advanced Options to see additional parameters.

Under Advanced Options you will see further ways to narrow down the report results including:

5.      The Job Status of the work.
6.      The date range for the dates within which the Job(s) moved to a status or Open or Closed.
7.      The members of your team involved including the AE, Lead Creative and/ or Client Lead.
8.      The Estimate/ Job Type.

Click Submit when ready. Depending upon your operating system (PC, Mac) and your computer settings, the resulting file will save to your downloads folder, automatically open, or ask you to choose to open or save the file.

Opening the Report

The Profit Analysis report outputs in XML format and is best opened using Excel or a comparative spreadsheet program.

The report is organized by Company, and further broken down by Job. You will see several detailed data comparisons and data details including Estimated Internal Costs, Actual Costs to Date, Invoiced to Date, Invoiced versus Actuals, Estimated Profit, and Profit (Loss). Often you will see both dollar and percentage comparison values. You will see overall totals as well at the bottom of the report. If you do not have the user permissions to see data such as costs or rates, it will not display on the report.

Column data is defined below:

  • Estimated Cost | This is EITHER service/expense cost rate (using the cost rate flag*) OR the individual or role cost rate if the estimate is built to an individual or role.*
  • Actual Cost To Date | This is the actual cost based on timesheets and expenses entered into the system for the job.*
  • Estimated Billable | This is the value of the estimate.
  • Actual Billable To Date | This is based on billable rates set for the specific job.
  • Invoiced To Date | All invoices within the date parameters set when creating the report.
  • Invoiced vs. Estimated | Based on date parameters set when creating the report.
  • Invoiced vs. Actuals | Based on date parameters set when creating the report.
  • Estimated Profit | Estimated billable - estimated cost.
  • Potential Profit (Loss) To Date | Actual billables - actual cost. This gives you the ability to see if they are trending in the right direction (i.e. % profit is in line with expectations.) Based on date parameters set when creating the report.
  • Profit (Loss) | Invoiced - actual cost.

Permission to View this Report

The permission needed to see this report, can be found within the Reports and Data Export section. Drill into this section to see more.

The row for this report is towards the bottom of the list. Tick the box, and submit the change if you want this user to have access to this report.

Run this report often, using your preferred search parameters to keep a close eye on the health of your work and overall business. And we welcome your questions or concerns:


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