Finance & Accountant Workbook

Welcome to fp!  This workbook is broken up into 2 parts.  Part 1 will introduce you to the fundamentals you need to get started.  Part 2 contains links to documents and videos that are more specific to your role.    

If you don't find what you are looking for please visit the fp. Library.

Part 1:  Getting started

Part 1:  Getting started

1.1 Accessing Function Point -Minimum Browser & System Requirements

In order for Function Point to run on your machine you will need to make sure you have the correct browser and application.  Your fp. system is browser and operating system agnostic.  However, we cannot support more than 2 versions back of any browser. Please keep your preferred browser up to date for the best user experience with the product.

1.2 Logging into Function Point for the first time

Once you have confirmed that you have the correct browser and system requirements you are now ready to log in.  Here we have provided both a short video as well as a document that will give you a couple of pointers.  Your company will also have a custom link that you will want to bookmark.  Ask your fp. Prime (those members of your team with access to the ADMIN area) for more details.

How to Login to fp. - Video

1.3 Your Dashboard (Home Screen)

After logging into fp. you will be dropped into the dashboard view.  Here are a handful of articles that will explain a bit more about your Dashboard, and steps on how you can customize it.

Filtering Job & Task Information on Your Dashboard

Customizing Your Dashboard

Business Intelligence Visuals for Your Dashboard

1.4 Submitting a Timesheet

One of the most important activities you will do in fp. on a daily basis is submitting your timesheets.  Here is a quick video on how you can quickly add time against jobs you are working on, or tasks that have been assigned.

How to Track Time - Video

1.5 Navigation Basics

Once you feel confident adding time-sheets in fp, you are now ready to add, and search for information.  In video you will learn how easy it is to navigate through the system.

Navigation Basics - Video

Part 2:  Basic Training

Now that you have completed Part 1 of this workbook, you are now ready to learn more about using the tool.  Please note that every agency is unique, so you may be required to do additional activities.  If this is the case please check out our fp. Library that houses documentation, videos, and best practices on all aspects of the system.

2.1 Invoices

One of the most frequent activities you will likely be doing in your system is creating invoices.  The system allows you to create deposit invoices, interim invoices (for progress billing) and final invoices.  You also have the option of creating invoices for single jobs or batch invoices for a grouping of single component jobs for a client or a group of jobs that live within a project file.  The system also gives you the flexibility of creating your invoices based on the estimate value or actuals (value of time-sheets and costs).

Creating Interim & Final Invoices

Creating Deposit Invoices

Creating Batch Invoices 

2.2  Expenses Module

As you glance across the top navigation bar you will notice that you have a module called "Expenses".  It is in this module that you will be filling in the details of any supplier/vendor costs. You also have a separate drop down item to enter in any media related expenses.  Some of our clients also come to the expenses module to create purchase orders or generate request for quotes.  

Filling in External Expense Forms

Creating Insertion Orders

Creating Purchase Orders

2.3 Project & Job Financials

To get a high level financial overview of jobs and projects that have been added into your system and to edit any time-sheets that have been incorrectly submitted against a job, please navigate to the financials tab in the Project or Job Details page.  

Project Financials

Job Financials

2.4 Taxes, Setting Up Your Chart of Accounts and fp.Accountant

If you charge tax on jobs or services you will need to add them into your system.  Please click the taxes link below and follow the outlined steps to add in a tax if it hasn't already been added into your tool.  If you have not signed up to use the fp.Accountant tool then you will need to set up the chart of accounts and assign those accounts to each service in the system in order to create an invoice.  If you are an fp.Accountant user and wish to learn more please visit the fp.Accountant section in the fp Library.

Setting Up Taxes

Setting up the Chart of Accounts

fp.Accountant - Desktop

fp. Accountant - Online

2.5 Learning more

This chapter on being in an Accounting or Finance related role, has included a few more articles to help increase your know-how. And do let us know if you get stuck:


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