Manage Permissions/ Permission Sets

What your staff can or cannot do or see within Function Point can be controlled though the Admin area. You can be very specific about these permission settings.  You can also easily create permission sets that you can apply to several team members at once. You can also update permission sets, and have those changes reflected immediately across those users with that set.

Please review this article to learn more.

Navigate to Admin > Rate and Staff Management > Permission Sets.

Apply a Pre-Made Set to Staff Member(s)

  1. Pick one of the pre-built Permission Sets in your system, or one you have created previously.  Click the Select button when ready.

2.  Your selected set will now populate the Set Name field, and show you the permissions included in the set,       and in each permission group (ie. Companies, File & Folder Management etc).

Once you confirm this is the permission set you want to give to your staff member, simply tick beside their name from the Add/ Remove Staff area. Click Submit when ready.

The staff person's permissions will change immediately. Select another Permission Set and associate to other staff members as needed. Just follow the same steps as above.

Create a New Permission Set

Create a New Permission Set

From the Permission Sets area under Admin, pick Create New and click Select.

Clicking Select will in turn display the "For Client Portal User" tick box. Click this box if you are creating a Permission Set for your FP Portal users to use, rather than a Permission Set for your staff members.

To learn more about FPPortal Permissions, please review this article: Portal User Permissions/ Permission Sets

Give this new permission set a name. Then begin choosing what permissions should be included within this new set.

Pick all the permissions within a group by ticking the box at the group name level (ie. View Modules) or pick particular permissions within the group (ie. Brief | View or Contact | View).

Of all the permissions available, the one(s) to probably be most mindful of are at the bottom of the list: Salary/ wage info. These may be particular permissions you want to ensure that only a few or no staff have as part of their set.

You may also want to consider not making certain reports (under the Reports & Data Export group) available - such as Profit Analysis.

And lastly you may also want to take away the ability for the deletion of certain items - such as Tasks or Tasks for Others.  

Once you are happy with the Set content, tick the names of staff who should get this Set, and click Submit. If you're not ready to give this Set to any staff, you can just click Submit.

Make Changes to a Permission Set

Make Changes to a Permission Set

Perhaps after creating a Permission Set, you realize you should not have included, or have failed to include an important item. Changing any Permission Set is very straightforward.

As in steps above, just get back to the Manage Permission Sets page, and select the set from the Choose List field. Click Select when ready.

The Permission Set will now load into the Add/ Edit Permission Set area. Make any changes to the Permission Set and click Submit when ready. Any of your staff who have this set, will now have the updated version of the set. You do not need to re-pick their name from the Add/ Remove Staff listi.

Managing Individual Staff Permissions

Managing Individual Staff Permissions

You can also view and manage the permissions for individual staff members. From the Admin menu, choose Rate and Staff Management > Staff, Staff Rates and Permissions.

From the resulting Staff List, click the Permissions button for the staff member you wish to edit permissions for.

You will land on the particular permissions for this staff person. From here, you can choose to give them a different Permission Set.

You can also tweak the permissions they currently have, by making changes. We do not recommend this method though, as it will remove the staff person from their set. You would be better to change the set, or create a new set for this person.

We welcome your questions or concerns about your staff permissions:


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