Time Tracking for Internal and Client Meetings

We often get asked about the best way to account for time that your staff spend in meetings.  Please review this article to learn how to set-up and time track against both internal and client meetings.

To learn about how to set up an In House Job, please see here: Creating an In House Job

How do we account for time spent in internal meetings?

Here at Function Point we have a non-billable Job that we call "In-House" , and keep open for the entire calendar year.  Against this Job we can timetrack against internal activities such as meetings, training, errands, sick days and vacation.

Timesheets that are submitted against these Services have a bill out rate of $0.00.  In the example above you will notice that both the hours and rates are zero as we do not know up front how much time needs to be allocated to these services.  At any point you can do a timesheet find to see how many actual hours have been added against each Service by staff.

How do we account for time spent meeting about a client job?

The first step is to determine whether you want to bill your client for time spent discussing their Job.   The answer to this question will determine whether you assign a billable rate (other than $0.00) or not.  Either way, you may wish to create a Service called "Client Meetings".  Then you can add this Service to the Estimate, which will carry through to the Job and have time tracked.

Do meetings belong in a schedule?

As a best practice we would recommend not including meetings as tasks in a schedule. If you added meetings in as tasks then you would need to assign a task for each staff person that needs to attend the meeting to account for the time.  This becomes difficult to manage.  

Remember that tasks are a specific assignment of work, or call to action, that needs to get done.  You could add a task in a schedule to remind the someone to schedule a meeting if that is important to you.

How do we submit Timesheets for time spent in in-house meetings?

To submit timesheets against internal meetings your staff can select the In-House Job from the Job window on the Dashboard, and enter the time spent in the duration field. To learn more about tracking time to Jobs, please review this article: Tracking Time to a Job

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