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So you've created a great estimate, and not too long after, you need to quote on some very similar work. Do you need to create another estimate from scratch? Heck no. Use the Copy Estimate button and create something akin to a reusable template.

Please review this article to learn the steps.

Creating a Template

Navigate to the Estimate you'd like to re-use. From any tab of the Estimate you will see the Copy Estimate option in the top right.

Save the Template to your Office

You will be dropped into the Estimate Copy page where data from the copied estimate will display.  We recommend changing the Estimate Name to include the word Template, and changing the Company to your own Office.  This will allow you to easily search for your template the next time you want to use it.

Enter any other fields as you see fit and click Submit when ready.

You will land on the Services tab for the newly created Estimate. Adjust any values or Services and Expenses as you see fit, or just hit the Save button.

On the Basic Info tab, you may also wish to mark this estimate as Approved, so that any changes made to it will be tracked under the Revisions tab.

Using the Template

The first step is to find the template you want to work with. Because we added Template to the Estimate Name, we can search by that field. Click Find Estimates when ready.

Click the name or number of the template you want to work with from the list.

Copy the template to be used for your new client job

As you don't want to over-write your template, make a copy to use in your real world scenario. From any tab of the Estimate, click the Copy Estimate button.

Update the mandatory fields

In the Copy Estimate screen over-write the information in each field with details for your new Estimate - such as Estimate Name, Company, AE, Close Probability and Delivery Date. Once you have made the appropriate changes hit the Submit button.


All of the Service Group, Services, hours and rates have been carried over from the template.  You can make any amendments to the hours, descriptions or services as required. You're not locked into the data from the template.

Hit Save when done with your changes.

We recommend moving the estimate to a Submitted status once it's been sent to the prospect/ client, and marking it as Approved or Declined as needed. Click Add Job when you are ready to begin tracking time to this work.

In a hurry?

Creating templates is not a required routine. If you need to put an Estimate together quickly, and it would be a close or exact match to one already in your system, just navigate to any Estimate, and click Copy Estimate. Make changes as needed, and use immediately.

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